Thursday, July 24, 2008

Look out Paris and Nicole...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a good part of my afternoon buying frames for the office. About every other month we have a rep in to take away product that has been discontinued or pieces that just simply haven't sold and need to be replaced with items that are more current. This is the unique thing about working in vision care, medical and retail holding hands together and skipping through a field of daisies.
My favorite frame rep, Jimmy (Hi Jimmy!), came to see us yesterday and he had some pretty great stuff to show us from his plethora of companies, but one new line in particular stood out. Ladies and gentleman, I present the Caviar Collection...

Never mind that this is large enough for me to wear as a bra and weighs about two and a half pounds, this is apparently still all the rage and I'm never going to be able to wrap my mind around that! Check out this shield...

I just couldn't leave out the photo with the flash on, you have to get the full effect with all the ROCKS and STONES!

Now, bear in mind that I have one of the tiniest faces to fit glasses for and my pupil distance (a measurement most critical to basing said fit on) is pretty much that of a four-year-old which means these are just MASSIVE on me, but even so... they're totally outrageous for even those with giant pumpkin-sized noggins. Although, they could come in handy if you were say... traveling in a foreign country and happen to be detained at a border crossing thus needing something to bribe/buy your freedom with. Voila! $400 glasses in exchange for safe passage, good trade. OR, you could probably use the reflection off one of the many crystals to start a fire if you were somehow lost in the forest wearing this chaos... Ta da! Warmth!

Oh so cute. I should have ordered one, I know. What was I thinking passing this opportunity up? I'll take two, to wear as a bikini.

These are a little more "tame" as in, they stay on my head for about ten seconds as opposed to two seconds before willing themselves downward like gravity intends.

Hi! I'm rich and famous and would like to star in your show! Pick me! Pick me!

Seriously, are any of my readers wearing these sorts of ginormous-style frames??? Surely you look better in them than I think because why else would they still be so hot right now? You have to understand the aspect of prescription eye wear as the basis for my disdain, you simply cannot manufacture a prescription lens for something like this so, it's not practical in many an optical unless you have a particular venue that sees non-prescription wearing socialites on a regular basis... hmmm.

It's alright, I don't have to understand it because I still get to "play" with crazy glasses and tease Jimmy! There are plenty of style choices that I make that I'm sure many of you would grimace at, but I think that's the beauty of this world. Do your thing folks, whatever it is, we just might have to agree to disagree sometimes!

Thanks for being a good sport Jimmy, you're the best! Oh, and thanks for the coffee, we totally failed to pay you back!


Raven said...

I have one pair but they certainly AREN'T prescription lenses, they are cheap $9.95 lenses to wear when I have my contacts in.

Colleen Sherman said...

Looks like a fun day at work! :-) LOVE the first couple pairs. Their HUGE!

BTW... Your skin is flawless. What is your secret? Or are you one of those girls that can use clearasil and sea breeze and still look good?