Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So we left off with me having computer problems in the midst of trying to upload funny videos of the winner-selecting process and just to insure that everyone is understanding who actually won, it was my dear friend Rachel and messing with her name was just our way of showing her some love. Surely she knows that, in fact... she calls said husband "Nord." Now don't you think that in light of her calling him names he should be able to make one up for her from time to time? Yes. The answer is yes. The thing is, you just had to be there. There were so many videos and so much goofing around with names and the drumming, done by my baby sister on a plastic container with two spoons... it was great, too bad for our Internet speed and the lack of uploading. We love you Rachelle and congratulations! What will you write about in your new journal? How evil we are?

Anyway. After a jam packed weekend yesterday came and sucked my will to live which forced me to stop at my mom's house on the way home to drink. I have another new favorite drink, lemon drops. So. Good. I like them sweet though, that's why they're my new favorite because I had one in the past that nearly burned out my tonsils with how bitter and flammable it was. Mom hooked me up and we spent an hour recapping all the things we hated about the Sex and the City movie we had seen the night before. Why in the hell does it have to be SO graphic??? I'm sorry, but I wasn't one of those people that watched the show so as to have a foundation for the film and maybe that's the bigger issue for me not being one bit prepared for an "R" rated movie that turned out to be XXLR, but still. There were plenty of funny/cute/BFF scenes that would have sufficed for my taste without the explicit sex and assaulting nudity on the side. Not my thing.


Moving on. Drinking and laughing heals and therefore I awoke this morning with different problems. I no longer felt the pains of my day at work where I totally had a case of the Monday's, but instead I was, well... exhausted and disappointed that it was only Tuesday. Here we are Tuesday. What are you good for anyway? I can't remember. Tuesday Tupac Day? Tuesday Trailer Day? Tic Tac Day? Tiny Dancer Day? Tap Day? Ugh, whatever. It came it went and all I could think about was the guy who came in yesterday and shared with me that his twenty-eight-year-old daughter-in-law just dropped dead from an undiagnosed heart condition. I can't shake that information. That's like... me dropping dead or MY HUSBAND. Bam! Gone. Chills. Ick.

I'm so thankful. I don't want to lose the people in my life who mean so much to me and I'm nowhere near wanting to be gone yet myself, despite what I may or may not have said about that last bit about a year ago honey. :o)

Oh, lets just go ahead and wrap this up with a big 'ol random bow and sign off before getting any further. I have grand plans for the coming weekend and a much needed mental health day has been scheduled for Friday. Back soon... ish.


Sidney Ann said...

Mental health DAY? I so have you beat. I'm taking a mental health WEEK. So take that, sucka!

always sunny said...

i really did not know that i won. when he said "rachel" and you said where is rachel?" i thought you meant he read it wrong and then it sounded like he corrected himself. i never though thought he played a trick on me, it really looked like he read it wrong and you were trying to be nice about it, so i would not co cry.
whoooo hoooo! i won!
i never win anything...!
sorry everyone-
you will not receive this for christmas. i have always needed a journal to write lanna diaries in and i have never owned one. well, i owned one when i was like 10 and the evil step-bitch used to read it, so i never had one again.
ok, sorry that was a little uncalled for. i apologize.