Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The loot!

Just a quick note on the totally fabulous goods that arrived over the weekend from Sidney Ann. Someone will be receiving that lovely little journal soon as the giveaway winner, but I also took the liberty of upgrading my dilapidated card case with a much cooler one since card cases are another one of Miss Sidney's specialties. I'm guessing that Sidney Ann is also good at headstands and cocktail mixing and maybe even both at the same time. When I figure out how to involve those skills in a giveaway I'll let you all know. Just imagine how cool these treasures would look if I'd taken a picture in the daylight... stupid me I was too excited to wait!. Anyway, I have to say that the little journal is SO VERY SOFT and sweet, it's going to be hard not to pull my own name out of the proverbial hat. Meanwhile, I'll stroke my card case instead, it's beautiful! I strongly suggest you hop over there and check out her handmade goods because that way twenty-something of you will have a bit of retail therapy to console yourselves with when you lose.

And it's all Lucca approved!
Lucca's putting his foot down... there will be more shopping in blogland OR ELSE!

Well, I hope he's right, but I also hope that the boys take me seriously when I put my foot down about NOT ROLLING IN SHIT OR SHIT-LIKE ITEMS anymore! Lucca rolled in something delightful (NOT) in the yard this evening and I found myself doing that whole Baby Mama scene about "chocolate or poop? CHOCOLATE OR POOP?" Only it's didn't end with "chocolate." Despite the alcohol-wipe bath that he received Hans just came out of the office stating that "it smells like a fishing boat or like someone just pulled in a crab trap or rowed through in a dingy with crab traps and fish in it." Nice. More chores for mama.

Hope your homes are sweet smelling bright! Sleep tight!


Raven said...

Fortunately my girls haven't rolled in anything recently (where is some wood for me to knock on) but they did take off down the bayou yesterday afternoon through the busted fence.

OMG, I wanted to KILL THEM!

Anonymous said...

My dog Moose hasn't rolled in anything as of late, but stepping in disgusting stuff is another matter!

Sidney Ann said...

I'm so glad Lucca approves, maybe he needs a case to hold his calling cards just in case he runs into a hot bitch at the park and would like to hand out his number without the embarrasing "do you have a pen?" song and dance. But since he rolls around in crap he might not attract too many lady folk anyways. Ah well.