Thursday, August 7, 2008

The excitement is not about me is it...

I just loved these two little shots of our morning pow wow today because while it looks like they all care about what I'm doing and how my day will turn out, they're really thinking about one thing and one thing only... a cookie. Every morning I get up, take a shower, put on makeup, get dressed and dry my hair all before a single pup gets out of bed. It's not until the hair dryer is off (or nearing the six minutes of run time) that Miles will rouse and begin his begging and even then Lucca and Rocko are still zonked. Once I've done my thing, the boys are at my feet wanting to go out and then be fed their glorious morning meal while I attempt to peel my eyelids off of my corneas and swallow a handful of pills with three ounces of orange juice. It's the same every morning. No deviations, unless it's to oversleep slightly and then go through the motions a little faster. Once the boys are fed it's time for me to go and they are once again circling my support hose and begging for their parting biscuit. We keep the boys in their kennels and/or in the spare room so you say, "I have to go to work" and everyone bolts to that corner of the house and takes their places like little soldiers.

Exhibit A:

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