Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm in the final stages of getting ready to leave for a week and I can't believe I'm still standing! OK, technically I'm sitting now, but I deserve it. Friday was a blur as I sorted out the babysitting arrangements of Miles and Lucca in the midst of a crazy workday while Rocko joined Hans and I for a "camp out" birthday party that night in honor of our oldest nephew, Levi. Levi turned eight last week and as per usual his parents put together a spectacular party which was based on a Summer Camp theme this year complete with a "registration tent," personal first aid kits made from film capsules containing a band aid, ointment and cotton balls as well as individual flashlights and various other necessities for the campers in attendance. We have great family all around and it was such a blast to be there even for a kid party because the details are always so impressive and everybody always has a blast.

Rocko did really well and focused mostly on his ball (shocking), but one thing in particular was a hoot that night. Once the sun went down, Levi's parents had arranged for an outdoor movie on a big projector screen by the camp fire. All the kids were given glow sticks beforehand to find their way around, remember how awesome those things are?!?! Well, Rocko needed some too so, I rigged him up a new "collar" and he wore his glowing souvenir proudly as he continued to dart to and fro after his silly ball. When we grew tired of throwing his ball in the woods and watching his little light bound back and forth looking for his treasure, the trampoline seemed the neck logical place to toss his toy to see what other lengths he would go to retrieve it. If I didn't tell you that this video was of Rocko, under the trampoline, attempting to get his ball back while the kids (and Hans) looked on from above I'm not sure you would be able to distinguish what the hell is going on.

There's so much more from Saturday and Sunday, but it will have to wait... I'm spent! I've had to do that psychotic packing/cleaning/reorganizing/furniture moving/outfit planning/hair accessory making(oh, just wait until you see what I made though!)/batteries for everything charging/toenail painting THING that we type A-ers do and I'm out of steam. For some reason I'm also tending to be in my master bedroom ALL THE TIME so the self ports are all coming from there. Will try to mix it up, until then... deal with it.

Note: Outfit shown NOT being worn in "public." Thank you in advance for your concern.


mendedheart said...

Oh Goodness - those jeans are so...:0

Have a wonderful week!

deborah said...

You're adorable! Have a great time and take lots of documentation.