Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Extreme photo upload!

OK. Two things that are hugely disappointing in uploading photos for all you blog trollers out there... I have absolutely NO photos from the actual wedding and certainly NONE of me that particular evening in my lovely little get-up. How could this happen you ask, it was that much fun I guess and I have a crappy camera that doesn't allow me to take a picture any time I please. I can only hope that some other pics of me will find their way here from those in attendance that night. If not, or if I get impatient, I'll wear the exact same outfit again this coming Saturday for Hans' cousin's wedding and pass it off as pictures of last week's brouhaha.

Now, on with the walk through... this is Jamie, excited to be leaving for Jersey!

My traveling companions:

How one passes the time on a long flight: DVD player borrowed from my parents and Cheetos, duh.

And Rum, double duh.

Our flight arrived in the middle of the night Tuesday which was also the very early hours of the morning Wednesday. After a brief sleep we got up and headed out to shop for a dress that Jamie's mom could wear to the wedding. This was a dressing room self portrait.

Once our shopping duties were fulfilled we visited Jamie's grandmother and then headed up to the boardwalk on the Jersey shore where the combined bachelor/bachelorette party was taking place that night. Jersey Shore:

That building behind Jamie is where the party was held. Beyond the restaurant there was a massive deck with several tiki bars along it and the electric orange palm trees on the far right were fabulous once it was completely dark out. The boardwalk was like a carnival or fair, the noise was intense and you couldn't help but feel like it was the epitome of Summer, hanging out in a beach house along that boardwalk and staying out late dancing and having a great time.

The party for the bride and groom was fun after I got over the shock of cocktails being $9.50 and just accepted that it was going to be a little more expensive to partake of this trip than I anticipated. There was eventually a band that played for awhile and we left around 2am I think. On our way home, a hungry Jamie decided she wanted to stop at I-HOP for some breakfast... we were there until about 4am, but it was totally worth it. Truly, I didn't know a pancake could taste so good. I think it was the time of day.

We later felt like death and dying in our gutts.

The morning after the party we headed up north again to the hotel and enjoyed a little time in our fancy room before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. While Jamie was off doing bridesmaid duties I became acquainted with a beverage at the hotel bar alongside a couple of other "dates" or spouses of wedding party peoples.

Us getting ready for rehearsal:

(Actually, this picture shows how my hair was for the wedding night... just imagine that foo-foo hair thing on my right, your left, tucked back just a bit. Then imagine a different dress that you haven't seen yet. Good job.)

Took this one for my man.

Hey, look! The bride and groom (Adam and Kelly)... also not a great picture, but I don't have ANY OTHERS OF THEM! It's their fault for keeping us all busy and having a great time.

View from our room:

Wedding day! Jamie's the middle bridesmaid with the tattoo that was so scandalous... VERY catholic grandmother, very silly attempting to cover it when it's big and obvious and part of Jamie. At this time I was hanging out doing whatever I could to help whomever and listening the bride talk about some body builder whose father shaves his ass for him. Oh, and I was drinking champagne... yum!

Pretty Jamie:

Crazy pretty Jamie:

Bye bye Kellybride! Go get 'em!

And then we watched a wedding, ate great food, laughed at the nerdy time-warp DJ, partied hard and crashed. The next day was our last in the state and we had a breakfast with some of the other family and friends who had stayed at the hotel, but we were so out of it, I think we only said ten words to each other at the table. Jamie's awesome uncle had a casual BBQ that afternoon and while we did enjoy a little sun bathing, we were overcome by psycho mosquitoes that left welts the size of CD's on our skin. We crashed at his house for the night and after about three hours of sleep got a ride to the bus station at 4:30am which allowed us to catch a shuttle to the airport to get home.

The most heavenly site of the entire trip... my old haunt Au Bon Pain where I'm guaranteed a ham and cheese croissant of only the highest caliber! Rounding the corner in the Newark airport after knowing that it was there somewhere, if I could just find it... I squealed like a little child when I found it and proceeded to buy TWO, one for NOW and one for LATER.

Jamie was equally happy with her complimentary beer which was provided on our last leg of the journey when we flew in a much smaller plane from Portland to Seattle. By that time we had flown nearly six hours from Newark, NJ to Portland, OR and then WASTED four hours in the Portland terminal because of a friend (who shall remain nameless) screwing up and not being able to hang out with us as originally planned.

We payed careful attention to the "instructions given by the crew,"

And made it safely home to BED. I can't tell you how much I love my bed and absence really does make the heart grow fonder of so many things!

Will share any other decent shots that surface, but for now it's back to reality!


Raven said...

Okay, you know how much I love pictures and I'm really not complaining (I'm NOT) but I desperately want to see you in that dress, with the shoes and the hair thingo; so I say you have to wear it again and take a pic! Please?

autumn said...

I have the little shrug antro flower sweater you are wearing in the pictures in the dressing room (do i sound creepy yet??)and I love it! Just thought i would let you know...look how good stle abounds, were not even related...were kind of 'out-laws' and we have good taste!

Anonymous said...

holy crap! i've got to send the link to your blog to my uncle and kel. you did a great job explaining every detail! i used to think i was a writer! love you dear. thanks for being my date! i'm still freakin' exhausted.

always sunny said...

it hurts how pretty you are.