Monday, August 18, 2008


***Blogger won't let me upload any photos right now so, you'll have to wait for those!***

It's so very good to be home again... I missed my man and I missed my boys! I was in recovery mode today as I unpacked and washed multiple loads of laundry and lulled myself out of the time zone funk.

I spent the last week back east for a wedding, my best friend Jamie's "like a sister" cousin got married in New Jersey and my BF was a bridesmaid. My role last week: assist the BF in having a smashing good time during the entire trip and assist BF in looking awesome for the wedding by proving hair styling and some make up assistance (I too managed to look alright myself as I dawned my home made hair do-dad and brown patent leather heels with cream piping- oh, and a dress). I also ended up adopting some other duties such as; assist anyone and everyone in the bridal party with there dress closures and double stick tape and put the bride's shoes and anklet on her as I was the only one who didn't have a corset-type dress on which obviously impedes bending over velocity. I basically spent the afternoon of the wedding day as a runner and then partied the night away on the dance floor like a crazier, less self conscious version of myself. I wished my husband has been there nearly every minute of everyday, but the time apart had it's place and only made us more aware of how important we are to each other. I love my husband!!

In general, we had a blast. I don't think any more fun could have been had nor any more alcohol consumed. I have a wonderful second family in Jamie's parents, uncles and other relatives and it was wonderful making this trip with some of them and meeting others while we were there. Our average bedtime was 2am and our morning routine began between 7am and 8am which, combined with a three hour time difference, made for some seriously screwy internal clocks. People bent over backwards to accommodate us though right down to the use of Jamie's grandmother's '89 Ford Escort and that totally sweet ride was a hoot to tulle around in (when it wasn't stalling of course). The father of the bride, Super Uncle Bill, showed us tremendous hospitality and I couldn't be more grateful for his last minute ceremonial induction of me as an "active status Jersey Girl." To achieve my status (a.k.a. green card) I had to have been in the state for a minimum of three consecutive days (check!) and consume either a pork roll with egg and cheese (never happened) or a slice of authentic NJ pizza (check!). Through a series of intense negotiations I ended up with an extended expiration date for my green card and now have until August 12, 2009 to return for renewal, but I must be accompanied by my husband and we will again have to remain there for three consecutive days and consume the aforementioned delicacies.

As far as the actual wedding goes, it was a whole lot of party and a large number of bridesmaids and groomsmen (seven on each side if I recall correctly) for a two minute and forty second ceremony. The bride and groom got what they wanted in the quick and simple service, but it felt like it lacked something to many of us. I think we all got over it quickly though when we were ushered to an open-bar "cocktail hour" complete with massive amounts of food that I would later find out were not in fact "it" as far as dinner goes. The wedding and reception were held at the swanky-mcswank Molly Pitcher Inn. A very beautiful and historical looking hotel, the Molly Pitcher was situated on a harbor and boasted a deck which extended about 150+ yards (a portion of it over the marina) with the very end of it being the site of the ceremony. Jamie and I spent two nights at the Molly Pitcher and somehow never made it to either the pool or the fitness room like we had hoped. It seems the option to watch cable (something neither of us have as we are without tv's entirely) and the sheer exhaustion or lack of truly "sunny" weather were deterrents as we made our plans each day.

As I mentioned before, the cocktail hour was not the end of the evening like I thought, there was an entire sit down dinner in the ballroom of the hotel which had been closed off and just never came up in conversation beforehand as I was hearing about the itinerary of that day. I truly couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the room and realized there would be MORE FOOD and that I had nearly NO room left for whatever delights they might have to offer. Much to my dismay I rejected a couple of the dishes that were served including the cake, but maintained a steady flow of cocktails so as not to under hydrate while dancing. Thank goodness for that sit down dinner and psychotic DJ because I had the most fun on that dance floor which was a first for me. After all the late nights and early mornings, the airports and plane rides, the old cars and sky trains, the beach and the food... I'm thankful and tired. It's time to curl up with my boys and wrap my mind around going back to work tomorrow.

Colleen tagged me while I was gone so, I'll get to that tomorrow if I can. Thanks again Colleen, I'm looking forward to coming up with my list of fun-facts. Now, to bed... my body thinks it's 12:30am.


Colleen Sherman said...

I LOOOOOVE weddings!! Kyle and I LOVE dancing the entire reception away. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics once bloggers stops being lame.

Looking forward to your tag too! ;-)

Sarah said...

Hey there,

Long-time, err, reader, first-time commenter...So I was reading your blog and felt compelled to comment on this one because of New Jersey weddings. My mom and dad just got back from one and my mom was telling me about how they loaded up on food during the cocktail hour, only to find out there was an entire meal still left to go. I was rolling when I read about your experience with the same thing! Us West Coasters are just not used to that!

Anyway, love your blog, your family and your pups are adorable.


Sidney Ann said...

Welcome home! I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of that hair clip in action. :D