Monday, September 1, 2008

Holy crap!!!

Spousal unit having a grand old time on Saturday...

OK, we left off with me promising to tell you more about our Saturday and how it was delightful and relaxing and satisfying and everything a weekend should be. Then Sunday came around and we were a little busier and had even more fun and became more tired which meant I elected to NOT stay up long enough to keep you in the loop about that day either. So, here we are at the end of the three day weekend and all I can say is WOWZER, I just had the best day of all.

My one and only camera, a little Fuji FinePix(gah) point and shoot, broke down yesterday which means I have nothing to show you of the beautiful nieces or sister-in-law who came to play for the afternoon. The camera failure also means that the Home2k9 pack woke up this morning quite concerned about the potential for a long stretch of time without said camera and the total inability to document the pathetic ho hum days of our simple crew. We thought, we drank tea and coffee in our jammies, we wished we had pastries and then, we decided to go for it. A quick change of clothes, a small bag packed and we were off to the mainland for the spending of copious amounts of monies. Actually, we thought it might just be that we needed a new battery for the little camera and that perhaps a small camera shop would be willing to find out for us before we purchased one. It certainly wasn't difficult finding a shop that was willing to do just that, but the result was still a completely dead and unwilling to even turn on camera. We really didn't anticipate springing for this bad boy today, but how proud I am to introduce you to my new baby!


I'm so excited!!! I started out looking at a Canon Rebel and when I found that the Sony a200 was extremely comparable and made with basically the same parts, I was sold on saving our money and getting more. We paid the same for the Sony, a camera bag with an extra battery(score!), an extra 75-300mm lens and a memory card as I would have purchasing the Canon Rebel all by it's lonesome. Easy choice. I also felt like since this is my first experience with a digital SLR, I shouldn't be too fussy and will just be able to further ascertain what I want as I become more familiar with the style in general. For someone who has been loving photography, but felt completely held back by a little teaser of a camera, this is absolutely CHRISTMAS IN SEPTEMBER! I'm charging the batteries as we speak so I can go nuts tomorrow, look out pups, you're going to be chased around with a giant black thing ALL THE TIME. My poor husband, there are already five pictures of his beard from the drive home... I'll get over it babe, just hang on!

It only gets better as we elected to pick up a dining table today also and no we can spend our anniversary eating at a table instead of on the couch and I'll be able to document it with the new camera. Of course we'll be eating Ramen to make up for the insane spending spree, but hey... it's a give and take right? :o)


See Sherm Blog said...

YEAH FOR YOU AND YOUR DSLR!!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see your pictures. Welcome to the club, my friend.

Raven said...

Woohoo! I have a friend that has a Sony and she LOVES IT, so it looks like you'll be in good company with that purchase :)