Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Have table...

...need chairs!

I like our new table, it's pretty. Two sides fold down so it has the ability to act as a kitchen island also, but for now I've convinced Hans to put it in this nook where I'm not losing so much kitchen real estate or feeling claustrophobic.

So, the table is great, but for awhile today I couldn't have cared less about it since my baby boy was super sick all night and we didn't get more than a few hours of sleep as a result. The signs were essentially identical to the bout of pneumonia he came down with some six months ago or so. Lucca was clearly not feeling well last night when we all went to bed, but he became very restless around 2am and by 3am he was wheezing pretty badly and shivering like mad. There were a few minutes where we had to sit there and debate the options for leaving the Island and heading to the ER or waiting it out for the regular vet to open. Despite second guessing our decision seventybillion times, in the end we waited and I just made sure to be standing there when they unlocked the door at our local docs office. I'm really not an alarmist when it comes to my dogs and sickness or injury, I tend to stay calm and have had enough experience to feel like I'll know if it's ER-worthy or not. With Lucca, and with pneumonia, it's so tough!

When you can tell that your pup is obviously feeling really aweful and then having trouble breathing and you've been told by the ER that the symptoms can worsen really quickly... it's hard to be as calm as usual. Lucca and his brother Charles really got a bum start with their heart issues and such so, I truly think they're rather sickly dudes (Charles unfortunately bearing the brunt of this family trait). Even though Lucca is hearty in size and most of the time has all the piss and vinegar of any other nearly-two-year-old pup, he's always had little things here and there that we have to respect as vulnerabilities. The urping had stopped for something like two months, but just the other day he threw up a bit and it was likely what caused this little episode of what we are told is more of an upper respiratory infection than pneumonia this time. Two weeks of antibiotics, $68, done. He's feeling better already... except for the ear flop, a seemingly adorable side effect of the treatment.

On a happier note, Miles is pretty in my new camera... see!

And Diego is here for a two night sleep over... he looks pretty in the camera too!

Rocko would look pretty if he would just hold still... it's going to be imperative that I master the sport/action setting on the camera for that little jerk, he's so uncooperative. Hope you all had a good return to the work week, I'm pretty excited about the fact that it's already "Wednesday." Heading to bed to get back those early morning hours we lost, catch ya later~


See Sherm Blog said...

OHHHH NO!!! I hope Lucca gets better really fast! Poor guy. There is nothing more heart breaking than to see your little guy in pain or sick and not be able to do anything about it. Rocco started off as a little sicky dog... from skin problems, to lung problems, to stomach problems... and I really thought that he was going to be like that forever. Luckily he is significantly better... but I so feel your pain. I remember nights of watching Rocco wheeze himself to sleep. So sad.

On the bright side... LOVE the table and LOVE the puppy portraits!!

lorieloo said...

eeek so behind on blogs! SO glad your boy is doing better, I hate that feeling, not knowing to go or not to go the vet. and with puppies it just breaks my heart because they can't just come out and tell you they don't feel good. seriously breaks my heart.
but glad he's better, and that it wasn't as serious as thought.

and CONGRATS on the new camera! So exciting!

Sidney Ann said...

You get all the fun. I hate you. But I do like your turquoise stool.