Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it Saturday yet?

Here's a few pics from within the last week, it's been so hard to take time to write something other than "we went here, did this, saw them, ate that and came home."
I'm avoiding that type of post so instead you get virtually nothing. In very happy news I thought I had to attend a vicious community board meeting tonight after a very long and tiring day of work, I agreed to be the proxy for an actual board member who couldn't make it. After arriving quite punctually to absolutely nobody at the clubhouse it became quite clear that there must have been a mix-up with the date this person gave me. I would later confirm that it's tomorrow night so I'm spared for one more day. In other happy news, I celebrated my third anniversary at my job today with the delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers (lilies, my favorite) and copious amounts of Dove chocolate, my own gift to myself and an attempt to make the time pass quickly. I love my job.

I snapped a shaky shot of the boys in their crate last weekend on our way to Patmore Pit which is quickly becoming my favorite park around here. It's absolutely huge and now a fully fenced off-leash area for pups of all sizes. It's entirely possible to go there for days in a row without running into a single soul and sometimes that's just what you need. Space to roam and romp and no drama. My boys have each other and they're all ball crazy so it's not like we're desperate for some other dog to entertain ours all the time.

On the way to Hans' work picnic we talked about my road trip coming up next week and our anniversary next month... There are so many ways we want/wanted to mark our anniversary and then the camera broke down and we made the new one (+ dining table!) our gift to one another. I decided today that we just couldn't break tradition and go without our anniversary massages so, I made us appointments for that delectable treat next month. I'm desperate for a massage, it's going to be so rewarding come October 25th to wake up slowly, grab a coffee and maybe take a walk before wandering over to see our dear friend Anastasia for the best physical restoration one can buy. Heck, I'd like to see her tomorrow.

Hope to get to blogging some of the bridal shower from last night, will see how well I tread water in the next few days. Wish me luck at the board meeting, they're rabid over there.


Ashley said...

ooo board meeting, you sound so official and important! Good luck my dear!

lorieloo said...

ugh, I feel the same way, although in my life it's "is it Sunday yet?"

hang it there=)