Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hi! I'm here!

Holy Moly, what a week. I've mostly been out of light and out of time these days. Fall showed up over here and it's lovely, but also challenging. The days are getting shorter and we're already walking in the dark some nights if we don't race home and head straight out to embark on our migration. This past Summer was indeed the best I've experienced since the Summer I fell in love and regardless of how I feel about the weather changing (still a Northwest girl at heart), leaving the past few months behind will be something to mourn indeed. I truly found myself embracing the long bright days and the warm dry weekends for the first time in my life as if they were absolutely imperative for my survival as a human being. My pack was happy for all our extra adventures, many of which we embarked on after a long day of work but with a feeling of urgency to seize the day. Knowing all too well this season would fade away long before I could master the knitting of socks we would sometimes take the extra time to drive farther north on a week night for a walk outside our usual circuit or come up with other creative ways to challenge the boys.

There were so many wishes fulfilled for me between June and September as we spent allot more time with family and friends, started shooting with an instructor, got a DSLR camera, went to New Jersey and will soon go to Arizona to meet my Dad for the true Summer closer road trip. We made our home super cozy and fun while also celebrating three marriages- the most emotional of which was that of our very dear Teri and Jim just this past weekend. I couldn't be happier for you guys! I also look forward to the great strides my friends and family are taking to follow their dreams and I see a great deal of change and growth in the coming year throughout the circles that surround us. I'm exceedingly blessed by the faces I see around me day in and day out and I can't imagine where we'd be without these wonderful people who inspire me to make every moment count. Anyway... 'nuffa that, look at Jamie and how I tried to keep her from going in to this state while executing her mother's wedding this weekend:

She did awesome, an excellent job as Maid of Honor and good times were had by all. I suppose one of the greatest highlights for me (other than the teriyaki chicken, OMG it was SO GOOD) was actually decorating the "getaway car." Audrey, you're the master! Excellent choice made when you chose to purchase the silly string and I am still in awe of your rubber band/tulle/streamer creations. Thanks for letting me be your decorating side kick, even though it was FREEZING out there! Also thanks to you, I'll now refer to the bride and groom embarking vehicle at weddings as the getaway car.

Fun facts...

1) We have a new couch thanks to my parents splurging on new shtuff for their place! It's a ginormous sectional which looks way better than I thought it would in our house and it's my new favorite place to hang out. The couch's only downside is that it's really light colored so it needs to be professionally cleaned to remove the copious shades of essence from it's former life and the dogs aren't allowed on it AT ALL. Lucca occasionally curses us under his breath, but they are all otherwise respecting the new rule very well.

2) I have puppy fever. Stupid, stupid woman. Don't go getting excited (or concerned!) there will absolutely not be any adoptions around here until we're down to two again... at least. Just say'n.

3) I have had to single handedly kill a minimum of one spider EVERY SINGLE DAY in my house for the last week. WTF?!?!? I know it's cooling down, but seriously, did they not read the Beware of Spider Killing Psychopath sign on our gate? I. Hate. Spiders.

4) I helped with some hair do's for the wedding this weekend and in the process of doing my own hair beforehand, I burned myself ON THE SHOULDER with the curling iron TWICE which has never happened before. I now have what appear to be two vampire hickeys on my right shoulder and I still can't believe I didn't at least have the forethought to wear something other than a tank top while I was wielding a burning hot object. Oh, that's right... BECAUSE THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Humph.

5) I made an appointment for a facial at a spa in Arizona for when I arrive on Wednesday morning and have to kill some time before my Dad shows up with the Jeep and trailer (hopefully he'll be on time or else I could go crazy adding more spa treatments to keep myself occupied :o). The only catch is, I have never been there and I will not have a car. I have to navigate the bus system or take a taxi to find the place and then get myself back towards the airport to the hotel we're staying at for the night. Hellllloooo adventure!

6) I have drawn a bubble bath and can't possible stay away from it any longer. Good night!

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