Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Never used it, can't vouch for it, but bought some and you should too!


Check this out!

Thanks to my dear Auntie Kim, I received an email informing me that cosmetics line E.L.F. has

been purchased by Nordstrom and before they can put the Nordstrom label on all those goodies,

back stock must be sold. This buy-out means UNBELIEVABLE DEALS for those who are interested and by unbelievable I mean $1 for just about everything. Really,

I bought easily $250 worth of product today for about $10. I didn't even have to pay the

shipping... enter promotion code CAROLINA and you'll receive $7.50 off orders of $15 or more.

Happy shopping!


Sidney Ann said...

Oh my gosh thanks for the tip! I just bought one of everything I think.

C Sherman Photo said...

Hey. So I have some good news and some bad news. I did some heavy investigative research on this whole thing (aka... I googled it) and it doesn't appear to be 100% true. Nordy's didn't buy ELF, BUT their cosmetics are indeed $1.00. That is just their everyday price. There have been emails flying around saying just what you posted... and I guess a bunch of people were getting the same emails about Bloomingdales buying ELF. So it appears to be their marketing scheme to have people hop on over to their site and buy everything up.

There are was a youtube video I watched on it too. One of the girls said the make up was just so-so... but there were somethings she really liked as well. (mostly the glosses). However, her order took almost 20 days to ship and she didn't get a bunch of the items she paid for. AND even though they don't ship for weeks... your card is charged the day you buy. Which shouldn't be the case. Companies should be charging once they ship.

So it appears the website is legit... but you just might be waiting for your stuff for a while and you might not get it all.

Good luck. Sorry to be debbie downer.

always sunny said...

yes, this stuff is at target regularly and it is always 1.00. it's pretty, i have never tried it-but i want to!

i ordered some yesterday and it shipped later that day.

always sunny said...

i got my BIG BEAUTIFUL order today!!!! did you get yours yet?
there is soooooooooooooo much schtuff!!! whoooohoooooooooo