Friday, September 12, 2008


As I mentioned yesterday, my parents have decided not to return to Mexico after the Summer as in previous years, but to instead haul their life back up this way for another go at Island life. They have several reasons for making the change again, the only ones worthy of note are US and THEM. (Oh shucks, I forgot my SIL went private and not just anyone can hop on over there to view her blogtasticness.) Well, I was referencing my brother, SIL and niecy-poos! Of course my younger sisters will benefit educationally and my Dad can change jobs, but the list does goes on with various other perspectives. The decision was still a difficult one for them since they have established a family and friends down south and my Mom had only just thawed out after being there for two years whereas in a few weeks around here it's gonna be too chilly for her again! We are all excited to be together longer, sister Mary has even begun planning Christmas at their house which she insists must be complete with ALL of us sleeping over on Christmas Eve. Huzzah!

Everything with my parents is subject to change. Nothing is for sure or forever. The only thing you can count on is, right now. This truth about my family drives me insane, but it also propels me in the direction of spontaneity too. In the spirit of "right now" I decided some time ago that when my Dad was talking about flying back down to Puerto Vallarta and packing up their Jeep/trailer (they left an entire house there), shipping what he couldn't fit and making a LONG DRIVE home alone that I really wanted to join him even if it was just for part of the trek. I held my wishes in thinking it just wasn't possible until I realized last week that it would surely never happen if I didn't at least "put it out there," so to speak. It's amazing what you can experience if you only dare to dream it so. I'm not even referring to just a road trip, but rather the experience of being open minded and how it changes you, makes you more willing to work for something or see possibilities in people and things. I mentioned it to Hans and then to my Dad and off the idea took like a weed to Miracle Grow blossoming into a full fledged plan complete with a one-way ticket to Tucson, AZ where I'll meet my Dad on 9/24 to complete his journey home. I'm starting to feel really excited, those four or five days together will be a blast. I can't remember the last time I had my Dad all to myself like that and with so much open road, so many drive thrus, SO MANY GAS STATION TCHOCHKES! Who wouldn't be stoked? Now, if I could just get myself a spa appointment at a nearby hotel so that I have something to do while killing six hours after I land in AZ and before Dad gets there...


always sunny said...

oh my poop.
that photo on the top of your blog is just delicious! i am so happy you are enjoying your new camera.

mendedheart said...

So many interesting things going on there. And I like the evolving look of your blog - the new header photo is terrif!