Tuesday, September 23, 2008

See you next week!

I'm off tomorrow morning at O'dark-thirty (or as we more frequently call it, SH$T/FU!@K early) to fly down to Arizona. I won't be able to blog, but maybe the hubs will high jack Home2k9 again and give you a little entertainment or update...? Scary. In any event, I'm super nervous to leave my boys, surprisingly nervous in fact, but I'm sure all of their arrangements will work out just fine. My family (sister Mary in particular) is helping with a long visit tomorrow since Hans will be gone from 4:50am (OMG, I told you my flight was early) until about 6:30pm and then I have our painfully expensive dog-care lady-friend coming Thursday and Friday for the midday potty break that I would normally do during my lunch. They'll be fine, I know it. Everyone will remember to show up and nobody will let the dogs on the couch. Lucca won't get sick and Rocko won't swallow any bits of his new toy. No problem, piece of cake. (EEKKK!!)

They are such. good. boys.

Have a great week everyone!

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