Monday, September 22, 2008

Packing means cleaning and cleaning means BLECH,

My self portrait at the bride and groom's house on Saturday morning. I had put myself together (except for my dress) before arriving there around 9:30am, you have to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting the passengers around you.

The low point of my day today was pinning down a seven and a half year old she-devil that was spouting underage versions of my favorite put downs... "I hate you!" was the most repetitious and "I can't see! I'm blind!" before I ever put dilation drops in her eyes. The level of hysteria amongst she and her brother was ludicrous just during the discussion phase of their exam work-ups. I nearly offered to take her out back and set her straight myself, but something told me that the mother just wasn't going go for that as she stood there stroking her child and calling her beautiful baby as the much-too-old-to-do-such-a-thing daughter threw herself down on the concrete and began kicking and screaming that she would absolutely not be getting an eye exam. Well, guess who had eye drops put in their eyes? Yep. And guess who had a thorough eye examination? Uh huh. And guess who didn't deserve a sticker? I kid, I kid. I totally deserved a sticker, two of them.

Went through the very few wedding pictures I captured and here's a good one of the bride just before the ceremony. Congratulations again Momma Teri, I'm so happy for you!

Jim (the groom, on the left) and the master of ceremonies Uncle Bill, aka my Jersey Girl Status Regulator, aka Elvis impersonator extraordinaire).

Two favorites of Jamie from that day, she's a pretty, pretty girl! It rained the day of the wedding which forced nearly everything indoors, but the photographer no doubt managed to get some lovely photos of the family under the covered porch, facing the gardens, at least it looked like a promising improvisation!

There's more to come, but Lucca's fuzzy-warm goodness is calling me to sleep now. For those of you wondering, my Dad did check in this evening (he started his drive from Puerto Vallarta this morning) and he had made it approx. thirteen hours north by the end of the day and was looking for a lesser-shady hotel to stop at in Navahoa. There's always some concern when you're driving a nice car and towing a nice cargo trailer that you'll wake up in the morning and your vehicles will be jacked up with the wheels removed and stolen, along with the contents of said vehicles absent. Let's hope that's not the case tomorrow. It was good to hear his voice, I had started to do the worrying thing around 7pm tonight when he hadn't returned my texts. It's entirely possible that he'll be in Tucson, AZ tomorrow night which would be awesome because then he can drive me around on Wednesday morning when I fly in to meet him and we'll have a chance to rest a little before continuing up to Vegas. WOO HOO! I'm feeling the excitement big time...


See Sherm Blog said...

I would have punched that girl in the face. The only reason grown children have them are because their parents allow them.

BTW... I was going through my blogroll to make sure everybody made the switch to my new blog address... and noticed yours is still my old address. Just thought I'd let you know, since my old blog will be down in about 24 hours.

Thanks a bundle!!

See Sherm Blog said...

oh and in the first part of my comment... "the only reason grown children have them"... I was talking about temper tantrums. I just forgot to type that part.