Monday, October 6, 2008

It 'aint easy being green...

Feeling a little on the outside today... less present than normal and literally, green.

Dear God,

Please do not let me get sick. I really don't have time or patience to deal with that right now and I don't think anyone else in my office could handle it either. We are celebrating Tammi's birthday on Friday (because we suck and never did anything for her back in FEBRUARY when her actual birthday is) which means I need to be well enough to enjoy a nice meal out. Do not let me get sick, even though I swore allot in front of my Grandmother while shopping on Saturday and made fun of Sarah Palin just to spite her. Sorry about that, sorta. Just, seriously... don't.


Short a coworker due to illness today, yippee! The day was pretty dang busy so naturally, I wished I was the missing coworker, I could have stayed in bed ALL DAY. The clouds and rain have weighed heavy on my energy level this past week, I'm surprised by it in fact. Late last night the hubster and I made some killer chicken chili which we devoured for dinner tonight and I felt more like a real person, real food will do that for you. There are visions of soup pots dancing in my head... must. make. lentil. thanks. to. sister-in-law's. mention. On our walk tonight I realized I hadn't seen the old man who watches the sunset nearby in quite some time. I hope that's not a sign that something is wrong, perhaps he has found another spot to frequent? He was coming here every night because the hillside pouring down toward the bay reminded him of his late wife and he said it was as if she were standing there each time the sun set behind the tall grass across the wetlands, at the base of that hill. I died a little when he shared that with me. Such a simple truth for him, she is there when the wind moves the earth in that way... she is there.

The buggle needs a bath, could someone please come and drench him in his Good Clean Dog suds and make him smell clean and sweet??? He's so grubby... Fall is here and the damp romps are too hard to keep up with, how can I deny him his nature? How could I ask him to stay in when the park puddles are calling? Instead I have Good Unclean Dog with essence of wetness and eye stains galore. That's alright... I hate my hair too so I can just focus on that.

Celebrated sister Talia's birthday on Sunday night, Happy Birthday Dear! You're finally 4-teen! Those happy birthday surprise ball thingies... tested and approved! Your friends and family members will love you for it, get one the next time you need a gift. Seriously, who wouldn't want to unravel trinkets and treats like a fake tattoo, Chinese fortune fish, candy and so on?

As I mentioned earlier, there was shopping on Saturday with the purpose of finding sister Jacqueline a Homecoming dress for next weekend... so glad she didn't opt for this one!

It was a whole lotta Fiesta wrapped up in one bizarro dress and while she sure can work those hips, it was just plain silly. Good job Jacque, the one you chose is going to be superb!

And lest I forget... I came away with a pair of kick-ass jeans for $9.97! Thanks Banana Republic, you really surprised me with that there sales rack. Go team!


Ashley said...

Dude! $10 BR jeans, goooo you!

Hope you feel better soon/don't get really sick! F being sick.

sufferingsummer said...

Not to jinx it or anything but I've been feeling icky since saturday night and woke feeling worse today...and Indy has a runny nose something fierce...
hope we all dodge this bullet.

always sunny said...
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always sunny said...

i am so there. i can tell i am fighting it ALL OVER again. i just got rid of it, and my whole body hurts again. wtf mate.
hang in there. let's all kick "sicks" ass together