Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monkey see, Monkey do...

This was a little monkey given to sister Talia the other night for her birthday which I promptly began posing to pass the time. Since I had successfully "tasted" two glasses of some vodka concoction (yes, we know how to have kid's parties up in here) mr. monkey was particularly entertaining. Sometimes life imitates art, at present this is exactly how I'm feeling... I just can't shake the icky feeling and it's allot like an immune meltdown of four years ago, something I can't stand the thought of going through again. Best get a garlic necklace, throw some salt over my shoulder and kick my heels together three times, that should do it!

Guess what I realized when I looked at this monkey? I miss stuffed animals. I miss the freedom to have twenty-billion and for no other reason than to look at them and occasionally move them around my room. I never really played with stuffed animals, but I always appreciated a really soft or realistic looking one. I can't handle having them as a "decoration" in my home though so, that kind of puts a damper on collecting any now. Sure, the pups have a stuffed toy or too, but they're not the really good ones like my old bears and lynx. I had a lynx cat who wore a fur coat made of... lynx (I'm sure there's something really psychologically messed up about that, but he was cool to me). I guess that's the point of having kids around, to live vicariously your stuffed animal appreciation. Well, thank you mr. monkey, you're welcome to come for a visit any day especially around happy hour and feel free to bring a friend.

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