Sunday, October 19, 2008

ObScUrE and TiNy PuMpKiN pAtCh!




PiE BaKiNg!!



All in all, it was a grand weekend. We enjoyed our friends Audrey and Reed immensely last night and hope they'll grace us with their presence again soon! I couldn't have been more proud of my silly pie, it was a very long time ago that I actually made a pie crust from scratch, but I felt it was necessary this time around. We all went to bed much too full and with glowing pumpkin faces gracing our front stoops.

The community meeting was totally nuts today, but we seem to have been pretty well exonerated whether by mail or in person. Everyone was very gracious and understanding... well, all but two I suppose who instead seem to want to excuse the situation away. It's over, until the guilty party returns from vacation to face the music. I have to say, I expect an apology- not that I'll get it, but I'm expecting one. I'm glad today is over.

Next up for Hans and Cam? We have a birthday celebration on Tuesday night for which I'm baking the cake. I've decided on a Miami Beach Birthday Cake, Grandma's recipe from an old friend which I should share with you! Then it's our anniversary on Saturday which always means MASSAGES, yeah!!! We still haven't completely decided what we're going to do for dinner on Saturday night, our most promising idea has been to stay in and actually cook something fancy for ourselves. I guess we'll see how the week and budget shape up by then...


sarah marie p said...

Your new jacket looks adorable! The pumpkins looks just great and the pie looks so yummy! Yay!

mendedheart said...

That looks like a lot of fun and I really like your carved pumpkins...and your jacket!

Ashley said...

give me your coat please.

Man, everyone s going to the pumpkin patch!!!!! I wanna go! How fun! You guys have mad pumpkin carving skills too. awesome.

Anonymous said...

We had the most amazing time...
and are looking forward to our next get together.

I was especially appreciative of the *&#%ing FAB apple/sourcream pie!

heck yes.

Jacque-O said...

your tagged sis!

Misguided Mommy said...

i'll take two of those apple things k!