Friday, October 17, 2008


Yippee!!! FRIDAY!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm so glad for the weekend!!! Phew...

We've been on damage control
every hour since I last wrote. Some people have been called, some have been emailed, all have been sent a postcard attempting to clear up the misunderstanding and certain mistreatment of us after that stupid mailer went out to our neighbors. The bylaw voting meeting is Sunday and I'm hoping the president will make an announcement then also. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to straighten this crap out, just in case postcards haven't been received by some. I'm pretty focused on the fact that all we can do is speak the truth and let it go. I know we won't make friends of everyone (even when we aren't being taken advantage of and USED) and there might be some people who refuse to hear/see the truth about those who started this mess, but I'm not worried about it. I felt more upset in between getting our postcard out yesterday morning and arriving home last night, but at this moment, I know it will be sorted out soon and I don't have time to waste feeling angry or worried.

I have so much to do tomorrow! We're having lovely guests for dinner, I'm making beef stew and Caprese salad with apple pie for dessert. We'll be carving pumpkins too, Hans and I have to find our pumpkins at the market or somewhere first thing in the morning as well as running some errands to recycling 'n stuff. It's going to be nice to finally take a few photos this weekend of the finished living room and MY NEW COAT! Love, love, love it! I won't get away with too much fun until that pesky to-do list is paired down a bit... mow the lawn, take Mom and Dad's couch to the storage barn, pick up bed for guest room, clean bathroom and inside of car, trim Miles' nails, b-day gift for certain someone, get rid of PILES of papers etc. It's time to get my relaxing on, I only really get tonight!

Who has good recipes for beets? I'm exploring beets for the first time since my Mom only really canned them and pickled them when I was growing up which never appealed to me. Hans and I brought home a small bunch of beets form the market last weekend and just steamed them, but I'd love to have some more ideas since we both enjoyed them so simply! Thanks for the tips, now beet it!

Hardee har har.


Marianne Elixir said...

Hi Cam,

I have been lurking a bit =) Sorry about the drama, but character and truth win out in the end. Keep your chin up.

I have beet ideas for you, but right now I have to go to bed!

More tomorrow.

sohobutterfly said...

I love pickled beets. How about mashing them into potatoes to make a purple mash? I like them on salads too. And on top of my hamburgers, like a tomato. Mmmmm!

sarah marie p said...

Heeee I liked your little joke! Ha! Cheesy jokes/puns are the best. Your dinner sounds like so much fun! And yay for your new coat! I'm still jealous! hee. Your blog made me want some pumpkin pie. yummmm.

Marianne Elixir said...

Ooo, purple mashed beet-potatoes sounds fun! And we also add thinly sliced beets to salads (in fact you can do it with a potato peeler and use the beets as the "lettuce".

Okay, my favorite is to cut the stems off the beets (save the leaves aside) and cook them slowly (for 2 hours) at 250. Once baked, peel them, slice them, and set aside in a heated serving dish.

Wash the leaves and set in a heavy pan. Simmer on lowest heat until wilted. Remove to a strainer and press out juices. Chop leaves coarsely and mix with sliced beets and plenty of butter.

I have also pickled beets by lacto-fermentation, and regularly make beet kvass, but that is a tonic (for info on that, see my food blog).

always sunny said...

i LOVE beets. red and the golden ones. i love them all by themselves roasted. i peel them and cut them up like a potato, 2" chunks or so. i drizzle them with olive oil & coarse salt and pepper and bake them. just like you would carrots or potatoes. i cover them in foil for about an hour and then bake uncovered for another 30 mn or so. yum! i love these as a side dish OR (and you know me) DESSERT! hahaha.
i have started putting them into some stews and thats when i use the golden ones. the red ones turn the whole pot an obnoxious glowing pink color.