Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty baby...

I can't believe you're 4 today!
Happy Birthday Lanna!!

Auntie Cam and Uncle Nord miss you so very much and hope you had a wonderful day turning four. You've grown much too fast before our eyes and now that you live farther away, you seem to change even faster! I don't like it, I want to see you RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. Hurry up and tell me what you did to ring in your fourth year and I would especially appreciate an artistic interpretation, such as a painting or drawing or modelled clay. If you've learned to write by now that would be great as well, I would be most grateful for a letter or short story on handmade paper going over your reflections of this past year and how you're going to be a better person in the next. Speaking of which, even though you're absolutely amazing, your mother has been reporting to me that you have a problem with your attitude lately and it's stressing her out when she could be having fun with you instead. Knock it off OK? I taught you better than that girl, you know I'm the only one allowed to give yo momma lip. One more thing, you're right... cheese nips rock. I love you, Nord loves you, hugs and kisses times a bazillion.


mendedheart said...

It must be special occasion month!

We want to send something your way, dear Alpha, for the enjoyment of you and yours, no strings, but I am not confident of the address we have for you. I've asked your SIL to email the mostest accuratest one. Hope she will.

This small sent thing should arrive next week, given it's Friday now, and you are far away as the US mail flies. Sorry its not there now! But keep a look out for it next week.

You and yours are in our thoughts and we have re-studied a certain wedding photo book from days gone by.

With long range affection.

always sunny said...

awww...she will love this!
thank you!
i will read it to her when i get home. i have been so behind on reading blogs...look at all the good stuff out there!
sorry we did not get to see you. turns out, one day of actually being there just does not work. we are coming up again in a few weeks to actually whore ourselves around. it looks like you were bust with anniversary celebrations and you never even missed us. i will have to mail your little tiny thingy. i brought it with me, but poo...
happy anniversary anyways!