Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary 'n stuff...

Today we celebrated our SEVENTH wedding anniversary, woo hoo! Funny how, at this point, seven years feels like both the blink of an eye and half of my life. When we reach these milestones I'm always putting them in perspective by making comparisons to something else. For example, the year that sister Jacque turns 21, Hans and I will be celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary and that sure seems like allot of wedded bliss to me, but Jacque turning 21 doesn't seem far off at all. Also, when sister Mary turns 30, we'll be facing anniversary number twenty-six (that's almost as long as I've lived). Weird and so very, very good. I love you baby and I can't wait to celebrate each and every one of those years. Thanks for all the good stuff today, yours is the face the world turns to me... again and again and again.

I woke up to these little tidbits and Hans got a silly staple that he had been wanting for awhile, a travel mug that actually works. We have a drawer full of busted ones so it was definitely time. I got him two for good measure and I hope they meet the need perfectly. We then headed out for coffee and a dog walk in the fenced trails surrounding the dog park closest to our house. Our yearly tradition (and we haven't missed one yet) is to both have massages for our anniversary, a tradition I highly recommend and have been looking forward to since last year! Contrary to previous years however, we were intending to stay home for dinner tonight and thought we'd just splurge on some really good fish for our main course.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you've both had an hour long massage and extensive walking of the dogs you will not feel one bit like cooking dinner and you may instead crave Tai food from across the water and some ice cream thrown in somewhere too. I'm just saying, "hypothetically speaking" you could feel sore from having those knots worked on and you might be a little sleepy and feeling uncoordinated, it could actually be dangerous to work with knives and stoves. The alternate dinner was wonderful and totally hit the spot, we were both glad we abandoned the original plan. Before we went out though I had my way with our unkempt garage and feel quite satisfied with the progress... that place has just refused to be organized since we moved in, NEARLY A YEAR AGO. So. Totally. Cramping. My. Style. Humph.

While I cleaned and Hans did... I don't know what exactly, the boys were looking as cute and worn out as ever. They wuv each other so much.

That''s about it for our day. We welcomed the changes expected (and unexpected?) in the coming year and my fortune at dinner read... "You or a close friend will be happily married." That cookie hit the right table I'd say.

P.S. Speaking of sister Jacque, here's some favorites from a little "OMG that tree is so pretty, stop the car and take pictures here" session we fit in while on our way to the birthday party last week for Marv. She's so pretty!

Love this one!


Raven said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary you two!! I just love that first photo of you. Adorable. I think an anniversary massage is a FANTASTIC idea! Chris, are you reading this?? ;)

See Sherm Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are so cute. :-0

See Sherm Blog said...

Oopsy... that was supposed to be a happy face :-)

sarah marie p said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on seven years! That first picture is too cute! It sounds like you guys had a lovely day! Yummmm Thai food! Sooo good! And I agree, anniversary massages sound just wonderful! I've never had a professional massage before and now I think I really need one!