Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Trip: Day 2 Arizona/Nevada

This day speaks for itself... we drove hundreds of miles and made sure to stop in the drizzle to see (for the first time for both of us) the incredible spectacle that is the Grand Canyon. After our visit to one of the most remarkable sights on the planet we rolled into Vegas just as the sun had gone down and those assaulting lights were nice and bright. I almost forget about the Hoover Dam, we saw that too! Holy smokes was that amazing at night, too bad my pictures only look like fireworks because we couldn't stop for a still...

Our noble stead and the trailer that would eventually perish...

The Grand Canyon... it's rather cool, I suggest you go.

Even in the rain it was spectacular. We were actually pretty lucky that it wasn't really "wet" up there, just windy!

So, once we had gazed upon the vast expanse of bazillion-year-old scientific wonder, the weather remained a bit gloomy until Vegas.

As I said, the Dam came out a little less than clear... well, maybe you can tell that this is two towers and a bridge. I shouldn't underestimate you.

TaDa! The Luxor. I'm pretty proud of this shot, it was so late and we were starving, the chaos of that city was totally overwhelming for me. I would not consider going their again unless I was planning to be in a spa the entire time and to only go out during the day. I was in Vegas about ten or twelve years ago and it has just become way too busy for my liking.

Well, that's enough of my silly tale for tonight, I'll leave you with the mirrored window shot of us leaving the Luxor and heading out on Day 3. At this point our goal was to have someone inspect the trailer tires before heading back over to Utah and Zion. The tires were looking pretty bald and we thought we may need new ones, but then we were told just to add more air... not sure what kind of logic the "trailer specialist" specializes in.

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Sidney Ann said...

The Grand Canyon? Nothing grand about it. What a snooze fest.