Thursday, October 2, 2008

Road Trip: Day 1 Arizona

**Because it's proving to be such a nightmare to upload the necessary photo documentation of our trip, I've conceded defeat and will post snippets of each day rather than the whole shebang all at once.

My trip started out with a 4:15am wake up call from our alarm, I only listen to alarms when I really care about someone so, if I ever get up early for you- know that I am truly showing you some love. Upon arrival at the airport I had some difficulty checking in at one of the self-serve kiosks, a brief waiting line for the customer service agent and two minutes of "hmmm... oh! well... gee, I...." and suddenly it's made clear that my flight is actually not until Friday which is very useless considering that I am at the airport on WEDNESDAY and would in fact like to leave WEDNESDAY. I panic a little, feel my face flush with embarrassment (how the FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN) as my mind races with confusion. Then my heart sinks at the thought of having to bail on this whole plan and miss out on driving through six states with my dad. Lady Luck I am or I was at least in her favor that day because I was transferred to a different flight and the charge to do so was waived which meant I was on time for arriving in Tucson by 11am. Phew! I hoped that would be a sign of the good fortune to come, but I'm not sure what you call the days/events that followed.

This is the scrumptious Aveda salon I had booked a facial at in advance when I thought I was going to be killing time waiting for Dad to arrive in Tucson. As it turned out, he was waiting for me at the airport because he had made it out of Mexico the night before. Perfect! When Mom found out that he was going to be in Tucson earlier than expected, she called the same salon and scheduled him a surprise massage to help relieve some of the aches and pains that come from white-knuckling it for two days on Mexican roads with the potential for "boarder searches" and thefts of any kind. Normally Dad would fight such a luxury, but that day he gave right over to the gift and loved it!

Before our appointments we actually walked around town and found some great little shops and restaurants, this is the college district in Tucson which is perfect for finding some lunch and a thrifted top or funky housewares. Our other adventure was finding a bank that would exchange the roughly $7500 in pesos my Dad was still carrying around which turned out to be a very LONG endeavour at Wells Fargo, but they came through and we eventually moved on to bigger and better things... eventually.

A mural I loved, there was a painted Boxer on the left end, but I wasn't able to capture it since a very large and uncooperative gentleman sat on the bench in front of the image I wanted to capture.

This was Sabine's cafe... loved the art work on their logo.

Dad and I ate lunch at this little hole in the wall coffee shop that had the biggest carrot cupcake I have ever seen. One end of the shop was dedicated to candy and I thought the clear glass jars were so beautiful with all of their colors and textures inside. My sister would have thought herself dead and ascended to Heaven in a place like that... this is me in the side room where their was a bit more seating, but allot less charm.

That night we went to dinner and a movie and I slept terribly due to Dad's extreme snoring defect. The snoring never let up, but I slept through it a little better each night. I managed to devise a system of SMASHING MY HEAD BETWEEN TWO PILLOWS OR MAYBE THREE AND THEN PULLING THE COVERS UP OVER THAT AND THEN THINK REALLY HARD THOUGHTS OF WHITE NOISE. It was rough, I appreciated my noiseless husband while I was away.

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Raven said...

It's awesome that they waived the fee for you!