Thursday, October 16, 2008

To clarify... maybe.

Sorry, I was tired and frustrated when I wrote last night. The details are as follows...

Someone "A" created a document analyzing the proposed bylaw changes and even went so far as to include their recommended course of action (to approve or reject ) for each measure to be voted on. We know who made the document.

Someone "B" received it via email from "A" and thought it would be helpful for others in making a determination of their own vote. That "B" also0 thought that a proxy document sent out with this information would be helpful since so many community members can't or won't attend the meeting where we actually vote on these changes officially.

"B" emailed us and asked what we thought of the document, said they wanted to send it out lickitysplit before leaving on vacation (thus requiring them to miss the meeting also) and asked if we would be the address provided on the proxy document for people to mail their votes to.


"B" mailed the stuff out without any return address, without a cover letter, and only included our contact information on the last page, the proxy vote, which turns out to not even be a legal document.

An interesting point here... we did not receive this mailing personally. For some reason "B" left us out or had the wrong address (not likely since our address is on the proxy page correctly). Also, she left out the president which I think is lame. "B" and several others (especially "A") are quite a bit against the president and her focus, but that doesn't mean you go around acting shading and only sending stuff out to some community members, that's not the way Hans and I operate.

I had a bad feeling when a board member called asking for clarification on a point in "A" document, as if we had written it. His message was a major red flag the other night so I emailed the president yesterday and said... what happened with this document and does it look like we wrote it? She was SO glad we had contacted her because apparently EVERYONE thinks we're responsible for it and many are very pissed. The spray painted signage at the entrance to the community is actually at a home site where another board member's family is building... I guess we can be sure that they are among the TOTALLY PISSED, BUT TOO STUPID TO CALL US ON IT AND GET THE FACTS group.

Ugh. Have to get to work. Have a great day everyone! (winks with giant fake grin)


Raven said...

Holy crap. That is a LOT of drama.

I'm sorry you are in the middle of that mess!

sufferingsummer said...

drama rama. Don't you love all the assumption that has to go into a situation like that for it to foster...LAME. Glad you are getting it cleared up and hopefully there's no residual damage.

always sunny said...

what a douche!
i am so sorry. do you want me to send "A" a pair of earrings?
i found these ones on ETSY...