Saturday, November 1, 2008


Came and went. Not a single tricker or treater at our house which was exactly as we had hoped. Instead, sister Jacqueline stayed the night along with Diego the Pug and much rest was had by all thanks in part to Rum and Tylenol PM for some of us. :o) Does that make me sound like an abuser or what? I'm just so looking forward to getting over this crummy/rough bit with all the aches and pains again that are keeping me up at night unless I take something. Bugger.

I missed the camera today very much, this is pathetic. The three little dogs were just precious all snuggled up on top of my sister as she slept on the couch in a pile of five blankets. I wish I could have captured that. We did a ton of work on the yard for a good two-thirds of the day and my knitting friend came around for awhile with her husband to take away some of the downed trees for fire wood. Hans and I are getting really excited for the potential changes we can make to our hillside once the trees are all cleaned up and we have our grading permit. Both of us are especially fond of the idea of a guest house or art studio-type building being added across the driveway, but building something is a ways off just yet. Finances and cold seasons will slow us down a bit, but it's fun to dream.

I've been knitting and stitching like a crazy person which has most recently yielded a darling little birthday gift for my coworker who celebrates her birthday on Tuesday, November 4th! When I mentioned to her on Friday that her birthday was coming soon she replied with "Yes, and I'm going to get the best present of all this year since it's an election year." Knowing which way she's voting, I hope she gets her most desired present for sure! First I sent in my ballot to help her wish come true then I made her a couple of little treasures, one of which is actually a felt catnip toy for her assortment of feline kids to enjoy. I have so many plans for Christmas gifts that will require my fingers to do something other than sign a debit slip and which ultimately wreak havoc on my shoulder after hours of creating, but it's so much fun! I want to be able to give some things that are more personal this year as I've done in the past and I hope I've started early enough.

Off to bed. See, without pictures there's rambling. Humph. Gonna get through this, it's not that bad!

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