Friday, October 31, 2008

Take a good look...

...because the camera headed off to the camera doctor today and they say she'll be gone for 4-6 weeks. Wah. FOUR TO SIX WEEKS?!?! What the shit am I supposed to do for four to six weeks? Chances are I won't make it. Chances are even better that we'll just have to get a point and shoot again to fill the void. I mean, no puppy pics for a month and a half? That's just bad parenting! Right? Thanksgiving? What if we don't document the copious amounts of food and... stuff. Oi. It's the worst timing really and it could be an expensive fix if they decide it wasn't a warranted issue (what with all the DROPPING IT AND STUFF). I didn't tell them that, we'll just see what happens. Meanwhile, enjoy my attempts to make do, cope and even see the bright side in the coming days/weeks. Also, point and shoot recommendations? Let's try to keep the budget to $250 or less. Ready, set, GO!


always sunny said...

ooh ooh!
sony cybershot!!
takes great video too.

man, good luck! maybe it will get done a lot sooner than they think. my fingers are crossed and i feel your pain.

Ashley said...


boo. that's too long! hope it gets fixed soon!