Thursday, November 20, 2008


I don't like soda. I really can't stand carbonated beverages in general. Usually, after the first sip, I immediately have the hiccups and then proceed to feel ill and remorseful of my beverage choice. The only exception... champagne. Yum.

I don't know what happened, but about six days ago I had an insane craving for Coca Cola and while I was only able to get a hold of a Diet Pepsi in that moment, the craving (as usual) never went away. I shared this desperate need for carbonated poison with Hans on Monday and he faithfully brought home a very adorable six pack of 8oz. cans so that I might feel better about giving in to the craving by having less. Seriously, have you seen those little cans? Cute little bastards. Anyway, foolishly and with great satisfaction I have consumed my one 8oz. can every day since until today when I... didn't. Round about 2pm a massive headache set in and drove me to near insanity as the hours drug on without any relief. Eventually I realized it was the caffeine (I only drink decaf coffee) and now I'm in a serious pickle since I'm obviously not going to continue with a Coke habit (of any kind), but alternately- I have to detox. One more can before I do, waste not want not. Right?

While I was tweaking on a lack of caffeine today... I was forgetting something else. It wasn't until six o'clock when I arrived home and removed my sweater to begin preparations for **dinner that I realized I had forgotten to use deodorant this morning. Dang. Sorry to anyone I may have bothered today by possibly smelling like a high school locker room or just a really nasty hamper. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

**By "begin preparations for dinner" I mean, waiting for Hans to bring home tater tots... something else I've had a craving for. And DOUBLE NO, not pregnant.


sufferingsummer said...

um yeah if I didn't know way better I'd say you might want him to pick up a little test at the drug store after he gets those tater tots...ha ha ha. Gotta love cravings and forgetfulness...welcome to my world.

home2k9 Alpha said...

There's no way in HELL, but I guess I should add a disclaimer to this post. :o)

sarah marie p said...

Yuck caffeine headaches are THE worst!


I need to wean myself off of caffeine ... I should totally blog this! If I can do it!

p.s. Maybe you ARE preggers!