Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good news...


Hans: What?

Me: I called the camera shop and they say the camera is being fixed under warranty and could be back as soon as Friday! I'M SO HAPPY!! Apparently damage resulting from droppage can count as a "manufacture defect."

Hans: That's nuts! So cool!


Hans: Heh?

Me: Ashley just confirmed they are coming up next week and she's willing to do a shoot for us the Saturday after Thanksgiving! We got it all figured out and I'M SO EXCITED!! I can't wait to meet her and we're going to finally have some great photos of US.

Hans: Serious?!? Awesome! are they bringing Burrito?

Me: I didn't ask. BUT THE PHOTOS! THE HANGING OUT!! Did I mention PHOTOS?!?

Me: Hey! Guess who's pregnant!

Hans: Who?

Me: Dooce.

Hans: Woah.

Me: Guess wha...

Hans: Yes?

Me: Ana Poe of Paco Collars "follows me." She's subscribed to my blog... how rad is that???

(Hi Ana!)

Hans: How do you know?

Me: Cuz her cute little picture shows up on my blog next to the ONE other person (my sister) that follows me so, it's kind of hard to miss. I love Ana... I think she's totally cooler than me.


Raven said...

(I follow you, just through my google reader)

Yay for the camera! Yay for awesome pictures! I totally would've asked about burrito first, too.

Marianne Elixir said...

Yeah, I follow you through reader as well...but I decided to go ahead and make it public with a little picture and everything.

Dooce pregnant? Intriguing. I haven't checked her site in a year!

Anonymous said...

Yay for your camera being under warranty!

Ashley said...

yay for all of those things!!! I will be bringing Burrito and I'm sooo excited to meet you. Chris is gonna come too, hope thats ok ;)

i also follow you in m reader, but added my little icon down there! yay!

see you next week! woohoo!

sarah marie p said...

(I follow you too through google reader!)

How fun that you get to do a lil photoshoot -- can't wait to see the pictures! And that you get to meet Ashley! Yay! I adore her! And you get to meet celebrity puppy Burrito!? So cool!

ana poe said...

I've taken a poll and have decided I'm definitely the least cool person I know. Thanks for the ego boost anyhow (and congrats on the camera!)