Thursday, November 27, 2008


I think we just had the best Thanksgiving to date. I enjoyed every minute of today (ok, almost every minute... there was a non-draining shower issue in there somewhere). At the moment I have a very full belly and am ready for bed. I can't even begin to express how much I'm thankful for, but surely my husband is up there at the top! Having my family back in the States, let alone right down the street, is pretty fabulous too. I love my job, a girl can't get a better team to work worth or a more generous boss and our home is my sanctuary for which I am extremely grateful. Being surrounded by the beauty of this place is a constant joy and I'm thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy as well. I do hope you all had a wonderful day as well and I wish you a very Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Our camera never came back before the holiday. Whatevs. We've been doing fine thus far, with the exception of mass whining and disappointment all around, but I'm only going to buy a new point and shoot if the big Momma isn't ready by Christmas. Otherwise we simply cannot justify the purchase right now, too many other things... So, I had a great deal of fabulous photo opportunities this past week and today with the whole family gathered together especially, we'll lock them safe and sound in our memories. Tomorrow's goals are all close to home, some chores, some crafting and perhaps a little shopping.

Now, just for the fun of it I drug out some B.B. (before Blog) pictures hanging out in forgotten files... perhaps this will give you a taste of our life in approximately 2004 B.B.

Miles was a drunk. He's now in recovery and enjoys soda water with a twist of citrus instead. If we offered him a beer, he would surely fall off the wagon.

We had a rabbit. This is Coney who was our house bunny, trained to use a little box and often enjoying free reign of the house. Coney and Miles were good friends and coexisted peacefully, occasionally napping together on the couch. I'm not denying the possibility that the drinking problem helped Miles put up with this impossible creature, but I think it was just Miles natural saintly temperament considering everything else he has endured.

One time, we attended a wedding and I looked like this. That was a good hair day.

This was on of our trips up for Boxing Day/Week in Canada with our besties Nathan and Rachel. I still have both this head thingy and that scarf and I wear them regularly so, this may as well be a current picture were it not for Hans' glasses and my now slightly less icky bangs.
I'm glad he changed those glasses.

We used to have a Lily pad... they were so lovely together, she and Miles. I ask for another daughter all the time. Look at those butts!


Raven said...

Awww...I am so partial to a white speckled butt! So adorable!

Paco said...

Boxer butts are the best! Can't believe they stayed still long enough for that pic... must have been something pretty mesmerizing on the other side of the fence.

Sidney Ann said...