Monday, November 24, 2008

Turning a corner...

Even crappy computer cam pics of my pups are cute... dang! So, obviously my camera isn't back yet. Boo. I was in the city on Saturday and called to check on it, but they tell me it will be Tuesday or Friday of this week AT THE EARLIEST. Twidling. Thumbs. Rapidly.

Today was a good day. Despite so very few hours of sleep last night (still trying to get a handle on the sleep issue). I had a ton of energy though and still feel really good as the evening wears on. My therapy light came so I'm uber-illuminated in these pics from that horribly bright light in the background. I used it at work for awhile when it first arrived and I'm hopeful this may be the key to getting in a good sleep rhythm. I'm totally in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit, can't wait to see Hans' enormous family on Thursday over a fabulous feast and then on Sunday we head out to the tree farm with my parents and sisters to pick a tree for their house where we will all be for Christmas. My family ate together last night over a very satisfying shepherd's pie that I put together to thank my Mom for all the Sunday dinners SHE has prepared lately and I couldn't believe how quickly the calender filled up as we talked about days to wrap gifts together and when we'll have our traditional family night out etc. Every year we go out to eat, my Dad's treat, in anticipation of Christmas and then we find a place (Target even or a mall...) where we all purchase a gift for under $5. During dinner we will have drawn/exchanged names and then we converge on that random location with the intention of finding each other the best possible CHEAP ASS gift within 30-45 minutes. It's fantastic. Legendary in fact, I highly recommend it. Some of the best gifts have included a thong with pom-poms hanging off the sides (given to my mom by my SIL I think), food items of course, toiletries and even some home decor items still prominently displayed in our houses today.

Needless to say, I'm excited. I look forward to preparing tiny tokens of my love and affection for such a lovely bunch of individuals that surround me and for the food and laughter we'll share throughout the coming weeks in particular. I look forward to the time passing quickly between one event and another and I can't wait to wake up on Christmas morning with little feet prancing about and sleepy parents making coffee while groggy pups beg for treats. I'm so thankful to be feeling better so I can truly enjoy each day and now... if I could just have the camera back...

P.S. Did I mention that Miss Ashley(!!!) is supposed to be taking pictures of us on Saturday?
Can. Not. Wait.

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