Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is coming... and the camera is totally still broken.

I called the camera shop yesterday and they confirmed that there is NOT a setting that would cause my pictures to look like this and that the camera is, in fact, still broken. Great. I asked for an exchange as I can't bear the idea of giving the camera up AGAIN when I haven't even had the chance to use it more than two months since September. Yes, it was my fault in the first place, but... whatever, that's what I want. We'll see what happens when they actually get a hold of someone at Sony on Monday. Meanwhile, it's pretty tough to participate in Exposaroonie when your macro setting doesn't work and a smeared edge must be cut from every image. Good times. I'm celebrating my luck by crafting the shit out of this old box of felt.

Finished Mrs. Owl...

...and little baby owl too!

Baby owl lives on the backside of this little pillow as something extra for it's recipient to imagine with. The owl family will go to my niece Aneliese as I stitched her name on the front right corner to make it official today. I hope she enjoys this silly little creation, I sure enjoyed putting it together for her.

After the hoots I moved on to some packaging fun. I have a few little gifts for my coworkers which needed some creative wrapping solutions, also a way to spice up a small gift so as to make it feel even more special. I like how this series of bags/envelopes came out, there's a fourth one that I finished after this picture which looks very jesterish with a zigzag ruffle and a small handle as well.

someone thinks their 60+lb body fits in the tiny dog bed... how cute is that!


sarah marie p said...

Man, that sucks about the camera ... but you have mad felt skills! Love the owls!!!!

Ashley said...

i am obsessed with that owl, and i can not believe this crap about your camera!!!! :(

Lauryn said...

How cute!!! Good work :) I wish I could make gifts like that this year.

always sunny said...

omg. that little slimie poo!
i LOVE the pillows.
did you just have a shitload of felt or something? where did that come from?

Sweetest Petula said...

I'm so jealous of whoever gets your crafy little pillow.

ana poe said...

I am also jealous of whoever is receiving that owl pillow. I am not above fighting a small child for it... think I could probably win.