Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is as festive as it gets... and the following post is totally boring.

There are tiny smatterings of Christmas strewn about our house, they're festive, but tiny. I'm missing having a tree though, I guess I need to make time to go over to Mom and Dad's to take a few photos of the "family tree" and to get a good pine fix. We're expecting a little snow this weekend although I suspect it will be the usual ten minutes of falling flakes followed by rain and sheets of black ice which then turns into sludge and an insanely dirty car. The one thing I've always loved about going back east over the years was having the chance to see some real snow. My goodness there's nothing so pretty as real snow... inches and feet and drifts and banks of snow.

A couple of my favorite ornaments are giving up their spaces on pretty green branches to instead grace the window sill in our kitchen. If only I could find a leg-lifting flying bulldog ornament...

More cheese... I know, it's pretty, but I'm also only able to stand it for so long. How can one person LOVE Christmas so much and yet feel so impartial to Christmas decor? Conundrum.

Lets move on to the next felted frivolity. It's under the sea time, Cameron and Hans style:

Not sure exactly where I'm going with this one, but I do know the backside will have a pocket that contains a seahorse stuffy... sure hoping it doesn't end up looking too goofy, it's for someone really special! (As opposed to the other less special recipients? Whatever. You know what I meant.)

Other side note- Sony is going to exchange my camera body for another brand new one. Tomorrow night after Hans finishes shmoozing at his company/client x-mas party he's going to run down to the city and make the swap. I'm really thankful they've worked this out for us since giving up the camera again for the entirety of the holiday would just totally stink... beyond stink. As I've had a chance to tinker with the camera throughout this last week I've noticed other issues with it beyond the mysterious black edge. I'm trying not to be negative, but the thought has crossed my mind that this particular camera was not a great choice. Again, hoping it's just a fluke black cloud and we'll be back on track by Friday.


sufferingsummer said...

I feel completely the same about decorations and snow...It was sooooo fun being in Wisconsin last year, besides the great company the snow for Christmas was magical. I just talked to my SIL the other night and my brother and their boys were out sledding at 8 pm...cause night sledding is the best. ahh...we'll just have to make do.

Indy made an ornament in preschool and kept telling the kids..."I think I'm gonna get a tree soon..." I'd better get on that;)

Ashley said...

Love this: How can one person LOVE Christmas so much and yet feel so impartial to Christmas decor? Conundrum.

I feel the exact same way!!!

and new camera!!!!!! woohooo! it's about time they got their stuff together!

See Sherm Blog said...

YEAH for a new camera!!!!! Then you can start fresh and not have to deal with the "fixed" one! :-)

Sidney Ann said...

Those are some of The Most Amazing Christmas decorations I have EVER seen.