Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great things are happening around here... even though my body is falling apart! We're loving the snow, it's so beautiful and every day when the sun comes out those super chilly temperatures just don't seem so bad in light of the glory all around.

I played with the tripod yesterday REALLY QUICKLY during lunch. Have a little narcissistic silliness...

So, down to doggy business! When Lucca was a young'n we ordered him a fabulous Paco Collar, (a kick-ass company that makes one of a kind leather goods) but silly me... we ordered it too soon/too small and he outgrew it! NO!! Not the fancy expensive collar!!!! Bad growing puppy! Bad! Well, I'd put it "away" for months always wishing he could sport it again, but always facing that small issue of Lucca's NECK ROLL being in the way. Recently I realized that Ana Poe just might have a few magic powers which could benefit our sorry situation so I begged and pleaded for her mercy on our beloved collar and she agreed to do her worst and make Lucca's clothes once again wearable. I just received the new and improved collar this evening and couldn't be happier! The idea to take Lucca's old collar and tack it down on a black collar with a new buckle was genius and the two-tone action is SO HANDSOME on my baby. Perfect Ana, perfect!

Now Lucca isn't the only getting new clothes around here... after a year and a half with us Rocko finally became "official" by receiving his own tag. I've been busy and forgetful, I have no good excuse for the delay. Check out our Night Fwog's bling from Fetching Tags (another amazing company that you will enjoy working with very much).

These tags are so fun to put together, they're a great weight and super durable. We have a tradition that each of our dogs receive a Fetching Tag with their custom tag line and when we lose a beloved pup that tag goes on my key chain. Miss Lily's is with me always and I cherish having her special memento to remind me of good times. Perhaps I should show you the others? Ok, if you insist... soon I'll snap a few more shots of the other tag lines. Must run now, husband is desperate to watch The Dark Knight!

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Ashley said...

oh my god, i NEED your coat!!!!!!!!!!!!