Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I told you these were fun... here's Miles' tag,

Dear Lord I need to deal with the polish residue on my fingernails! Pretty much removed the red polish right before bed yesterday and just called it good because I was so tired. Ick.

And my little stud in his new and improved collar, it's just so handsome Ana!

Lucca's tag which needs to be reattached now that his clothes are back,

We're in total snow mode at work, canceling/rescheduling appointments and holding our breath as the weather comes and goes effecting our doctors and staff as we travel about the Island. An early morning coffee date with dear Miss Audrey was the highlight today and then an early closure at the office (never mind that it was only an hour ahead of schedule). Tomorrow promises to be whiter again and the chances are very good that I'll hold off going in to work until a bit later than usual. The boys and I just might be able to catch a few extra minutes of much needed rest!


always sunny said...

my goodness that is one HANDSOME FELLA!!!

hahahah! my word verification is

See Sherm Blog said...

Oh my goodness. Every picture of Lucca makes me melt. He is seriously one of the cutest doggies ever. I just want to cuddle with him. If I could find a rescue dog like Lucca, we would definitely try that fiasco all over again.

Love the tags! Rocco's is getting a bit warn, but I just can't part with his skull and cross bones that he was given for Xmas last year by my in laws. However, now I know where to go when it is time.

biteypony said...

oh my gosh, i love those tags! and what a dashing dog you have there too!