Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scarf Swap: Check.

Lauryn will get her scarf soon! First I wrapped it up and tucked a note inside... then I nabbed a FedEx box and disguised it with obnoxious gold paper, who wouldn't want to receive a gold-plated box??? Yeah, it's pretty insane, but I was trying to escape the bureaucracy of paying more and going to a certain location etc. I win. Muahahahaa!!

I hope you like it Lauryn! I have to say it's a modest scarf, but I was trying to step outside myself and pick something safe and most importantly... cozy. Here's to keeping warm in MI. This idea is genius. Perhaps Sarah and Talia would be interested in arranging a bimonthly something-swap? Oh yes.


See Sherm Blog said...

Kind of regretting not joining the scarf exchange!!! This looks like so much fun! I just cannot wear scarfs... due to my crazy hot flashes that seem to just get worse when I wear something warm and fuzzy around my neck. :-( But seeing your scarf all wrapped up like a Christmas present... I wish I would have signed up anyway.

sarah marie p said...

Oooh I love that wrapping paper! SO festive! Your scarf buddy is in for a treat! What a fun package to get in the mail.

Lauryn said...

You did such a wonderful job! I loved getting that package in the mail! It was my first present of the year and it was a great surprise.

It was beautifully wrapped and I loved the cozy scarf and the ornaments. Thank you so much :)