Monday, December 1, 2008

There were so many reasons to be ticked today, but God help me I tried really hard to stay calm.

I'm totally coming down with Hans' sickness which is the most frustrating of all. Sore throat, body aches, exhaustion etc. Being sick makes everything more difficult and one's fuse tends to be so short that even the simplest of mistakes is inexcusable and surely must be punished by death.

A freakishly close second is the fact that I arrived at work today to a voicemail FROM LAST FRIDAY that my camera was "done and ready to be picked up." Son of one b**ch. What on Earth the dip wad employee from the camera shop was doing calling my office and not my cell phone is beyond me, but then consider for a moment how easy it would have been for him, upon hearing the recording that our office would be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday, to then think to call my cell *just in case* I should want to pick it up that day. Nope. Douche. So, I could have had my camera for our photo extravaganza on Saturday, but it wasn't meant to be thanks to camera shop deuchery. It is Hans' intention, however, to drive in to the city tomorrow so that he can pick up our precious camera after work which will then allow me to resume regular blog programming- post haste!

I could tell you about how (while Hans lay like broccoli in a slightly undead state) I trudged out to the tree farm with my parents and sisters yesterday to procure the perfect Christmas tree specimen. We found a beauty of a noble fir and got it all set up at Mom and Dad's since the whole family will be down at their house for the holiday. We didn't see any reason to spend the money and lose the living room real estate buying a tree for our house this year, I'm not that attached to the idea as long as we get to be around one at some point. I did find myself unpacking a few of our personal ornaments and gushing over the cuteness, but then I packed them back up and said "see you next year," just like that. Cold hearted wench. My parents not only ponied up for the tree hunt, but also made a full turkey dinner last night for all of us to share since we were pretty spread out on Thanksgiving day. OMG Dad, BEST TURKEY EVER. I'm in love with that meal and then the TURKEY SOUP that followed. My parents kick butt in the kitchen, thank goodness too because we might occasionally go hungry if it weren't for them.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and it's time to beg Hans for a back scritch. Seeyalaterbye.

The End.


sohobutterfly said...

Feel better... nothing worse than getting sick.

Saw the pics of you and your crew on Ashley's website - they are awesome! You and your other half are gorgeous!!

Raven said...

Feel better soon!

Lauryn said...

Hi, I'm your scarf buddy! Just wanted to say hello and check out your blog. I know I've seen your site on Natasha and Ashley's pages!

Your pups are adorable! Hopefully you'll get your camera back soon! What kind do you have?

always sunny said...

double holy crap!
i am so sorry. that type of sick is the WORST. it's when brushing your hair hurts. and then you know you are surely going to die. so so sorry. AND what about that douche bag eh? i could just kick him! that happened with my phone. i called to day my work when it's done so i can jet there to pick it up. FOUR DAYS later i thought 'hey, i should check my voice mail' which i generally never do, because i never get any. no big deal. YAH. MESSAGE. "hi, it's me the douche bag that talked to you and said i can call your work for you, but i crapped out and thought it would be funny to call a phone that you don't have." muhahahahah. ok, he didn't laugh, but you get the feeling of this. had nathan not been in Utah chillin with the mormons,(so i did not really need to have it so much) i might have punched him. AND if it was my CAMERA, i definitely would have insulted his pet.