Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks for those sweet well-wishings regarding my eye! The bottom line is, I'm going to live, but we don't really have a definitive answer yet as to what's wrong. I have to stay on a steroid drop through the weekend and then we'll see what happens next week. Good times. I didn't really need two eyes anyway, having two is overrated.

On to the important stuff, MY SCARF BUDDY! I received a lovely little package in the mail today and it was made even better by the fact that I wasn't expecting it... yes, I forgot a scarf was coming to me! This morning was just busy enough at work and most of my energy was focused on the company party tomorrow and just wanting today to end so, when I headed home for lunch a delivery was the furthest thing from my mind. Lauryn did a fabulous job sending me a scarf that is perfectly suited for me and I'm very appreciative of the gift!

It's a beautiful/rich purple pashmina of which I own SEVERAL because this is really THEE kind of scarf that I wear... almost all year 'round. Nice work Lauryn, I love it! I tried to document my delight in a very quick manner...

And just to prove what a grand choice it was, here's my collection, pre-swap:

See! I have a plethora, but not one in that lovely purple! You couldn't have made a better choice (unless that choice was to blow all the rules and buy me something form Anthro). I kid, I kid. A couple of those scarves are from Europe, trips my parent's have taken tend to render me another as a souvenir. I'll wear it well and thanks again Sarah and Talia for this great idea, I had a wonderful time participating in the exchange.

Happy Friday everyone, it's party time for me. I'm starting the weekend off with a rum and coke and my sweetie has just arrived home from his own company party to share the bonus bounty. Did I tell you I was going to put together a care package for Bad Rap with some of my bonus? Those pups are going to get some serious lovin from the Home2k9 pack. Go Bulls!


Lauryn said...

Yayyy! I'm so glad you like it! I seriously would not settle for anything but a pretty shade of purple, my boyfriend can attest to that because he was with me shopping for it. I had fun! Thanks again, this was such a great idea.

Glad you're feeling better! Good luck with your eyes :)

sarah marie p said...

Your scarf buddy did such a great job picking out the perfect scarf for you! I love the color! And I also love all the other scarves in your collection!