Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally here and I can't see them...

Our disc of pictures finally came from Ashley! Hooray! Yippee! If only I could see!

It's a long story that I started to write out, but I just became annoyed with myself and there's also the fact that I have a terrible headache and my eyes are totally dilated so, I CAN'T SEE. Something is wrong with my eye and while I still have to have more tests done when I get to work tomorrow (score one for working in a vision clinic) the tests today included dilating me with the strongest drops possible to try and relieve some of the muscle pain I'm experiencing. I'm going to be dilated until tomorrow afternoon at least and this means granny reading glasses are required to see anything up close. I'm just hoping we can figure out what's going on and that it isn't a serious problem with my immune system... because we already know my body sucks ass and tends to attack itself regularly. In any event, I love what I can see of our pictures and many thanks go out once again to Ashley for all your hard work to get us some great shots. I had hoped to get a Christmas card put together with a few of our shots, but I can't do a thing tonight with my pupils blown like this.

Hans has been gone all evening for a work function, he's going to enjoy browsing through the photos tomorrow though. It's almost Friday! I'm so glad because Saturday is my office party at a swanky restaurant on the north end of the Island and that means yummy food and drinks and awesome presents and pssst, a bonus! Meep.

K, I just can't keep up with this typing thing... it's too hard to see and did I mention the headache? Oh my. Happy Friday everyone, less than two weeks until Christmas!!!


Raven said...

I'm sorry you are having such a problem with your eye, but awesome that you happen to work in the right place to be checked out for it.

I hope everything comes out okay!

Raven said...

BTW my word verification was

headec (which is almost headache, just thought that was funny)

See Sherm Blog said...

Oh no! I hope everything is ok with your eyes. At least you don't have to wonder if your pictures are good... because everything Ashley does is good. All you have to wonder is "How loud am I going to scream from excitement when I can actually see these pictures?"

Have fun at your work party!

sarah marie p said...

SO sorry to hear about your eyes ... That must be SO frustrating! Hope the problem gets fixed ASAP!

OH, and your pictures are SO, SO, SO gorgeous! They are seriously perfect.

Hope you have tons of fun at the party!

Ashley said...

oh my god. i cant believe it took so long to get to you. sorry sweet. glad you got them, hope you like them when you can see a bit better ;)

take care. hope your eyes are better soon!!!