Monday, January 19, 2009

Der. Noted things...

The glass doors were dirty so, I cleaned them...
That last a couple of hours until Miles pressed his nose against the crystal clear pane to look out at a bird then Lucca ceremoniously threw himself at the glass to indicate his wish to come in.
So much for streak free shine.

The last forty-eight hours have just toddled along, I'm tired and sore and having to work hard to keep a "decent" attitude... not my favorite state of mind to say the least. Hans is very helpful, God bless you Hans! Lucca's still alive, lucky for him I didn't give into the "Hulk drops" yet (Hans has affectionately renamed the prednisone eye drops which seem to make me perfectly insane). I have a new prescription to pick up tomorrow which should be a little easier on the system though not guaranteed to be as effective for the inflammation. In the end, I may be back to just living with the pain, a conclusion I'm all to familiar with. I tried to describe the headache that comes with Uveitis and Scleritis to Hans the other night, it's something totally unlike a normal headache. I think the best way to describe it is that you feel as if you've been punched in the eye socket. It's a deep pain inside the eye which then resonates in the surrounding areas. Good times! So, punched in the face with seventeen tequila shot-type ache or may-kill-someone/thing-without-warning? Tough decision, I know. Perhaps we'll start a poll.

On the upside to life as we know it, my Dad totally rocked our world tonight when he called us up and told us to come and get some turkey soup that he made today... IT'S THE BEST TURKEY SOUP I'VE EVER HAD! We are stocked up baby, not only with the soup, but a big 'ol Ziploc of straight up turkey too for sandwiches or salads or just SHOVELLING IN MY FACE. I love turkey... not that you could tell. Thanks Dad, you're cooking skills are always appreciated, but especially when they spill over to our house for days on end! Especially then.

It's inauguration time people, are you ready?!? What a silly question... our country couldn't be MORE ready! I must admit a bit of disappointment that we aren't closing tomorrow morning or something so that everyone can watch the inauguration without interruption, but I think my coworkers and I are intending to at least stream as much as possible and then I'll have it recorded at home as a back up plan. What a day... what a day.

Lucca's whining again... see!
"Wah, wah, wah, I want you to come tuck me in! Wah wah, wah..."

On Friday I jammed my mascara into the tube and rammed it sideways... like, the bristles shouldn't bend that way AT ALL. This was in the car on the way to the city for the day and it wasn't intentional. Obviously replacing the mascara became CRITICAL because now it wasn't just getting a little old now the tube wouldn't close all the way either. We made an emergency stop at Clinique for another $200(slight exaggeration) tube of "black ink for eyes" before our movie and then I did not wear make up for two days after that. This morning as I was getting ready I reached for the new tube of ink and pulled out the perfectly straight wand only to discover that it's brown... not black as I requested, but brown... as I did not requested.

Hulk drops... Hulk drops... Hulk drops...


Hi! I'm Cam, I now wear BROWN mascara and it's awesome! All the cool kids are doing it.



sufferingsummer said...

if by cool, you mean me...then you are right! I have worn brown for years as I was told once it softens your face a tad and since I seem to wear a permanently gruff expression some days I figured I could use all the help I could get;)
sorry about the pain. NO FUN.
Hope we get to see you soon:)

always sunny said...

it's cool. i wear brown too.
your not a freak.

Ashley said...

hahah, oooooooooh cam, you're hilarious. I just love the way you write. Makes me laugh every time. that and I always crack up at how tiny and adorable you are and how enormous your computer is. ;)