Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today was awesome! Hurray for the Inauguration!! Hurray! I watched it at home until the very last possible second and then I hopped in the car and headed to work, but not before tuning the radio to the ceremony coverage as well. Once I arrived at the office we all huddled around some cruddy speakers and watched the swearing in and terrific speech that followed. Holy crap was Aretha's hat bow big! And the Yoda priest...? Let's not even talk about that poem... I wish I could have those moments of my life back. Otherwise, it was incredibly moving to observe such a hugely attended event and so exciting to move forward, finally!

Wanna know what else happened today?

I was meowed at...
Eh hem. You heard right.
He MEOW'd. meeeowwwed.

As I was leaving the pharmacy this afternoon a gentleman (I'm being VERY POLITE here) in his late forties or early fifties was headed towards the pharmacy door and after ogling me for a moment he looked me in the eye and meowed. This was apparently the new "whistle." Now, to know me is to know that I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for this sort of behavior, I don't find it flattering at all and I'm quick to react. Today I especially enjoyed my response.

Scene: Outside pharmacy

Cast: Guy le douche and pretty lady (tee hee)

Guy says, "Meow" as girl passes

Girl thinks, Oh now you didn't and says to Guy (while pointing at pharmacy door),

"I think they may have something for that in there."

I sincerely hope he got the help he needed for that most unusual condition and I'll look forward to NOT running in to him again EVER.

Now here are some boys with restraint... that's HOT.


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Lauryn said...

Isn't it absolutely shocking what men think is acceptable behavior sometimes? Ridiculous.

sohobutterfly said...

All I have to say is... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-YOW!