Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good boys.

It's snowing again, I'm still trying not to die from mouth sores and we've decided we're getting too old to clean the clinic on weekends. Ok, Hans is getting too old... I wish I had an excuse.

phone situation.The only other thing worthy of note is my new cell phone from yesterday's little trip to the big city. Miles stayed behind while Rocko and Lucca co-piloted us across the water to make a couple of exchanges and then we thought an upgrade just might FINALLY be in order for my pathetic phone situation. Lucky for me, ALL of the phones (free or otherwise) were an upgrade from the piece of crap with an external antenna I'd been using thusfar. In the end I walked away with a sleek new toy that doesn't do half the stuff most of your phones can, but feels like champagne compared to my old telecommunications fizzy water. Thank you Verizon for the cost-cancelling rebate that allowed me to move into the world of digital, I love my new phone.

Look! No bent and broken antenna!

Also, Turner and Hooch was on TV today... gotta love those slimy jowls, but I can't believe how old this movie is now!

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See Sherm Blog said...

LOVE the new phone! I don't know what it is about new phones, but I seriously get so excited that I can't concentrate when I know I'm due for an upgrade. I love gadgets.