Friday, January 2, 2009

Rocko says... Happy New Year!

We took a break, in case you didn't notice.
Of course you noticed! The world is so empty without our extremely significant thoughts on the doldrums of daily life, isn't it?


I know. It isn't. That's why we took a break.

Upon returning to the blogtastic family journal I've made a few aesthetic changes for you, click through from Reader if you're curious...

Our holidays were lovely, hard to stay awake 'till midnight to ring in the new year now that we're old though. It's delightful to have all of the Christmas decorations finding their way back to the Christmas Box where they will hibernate throughout another three seasons... possibly four. I spent the better part of my day deconstructing the holly jolly at work too and adding up the taxable inventory. Oh, right and I NEARLY DIED FROM THE INDESCRIBABLE PAIN OF THREE CANKER SORES INSIDE ONE LIP! I DO NOT recommend biting clean through your lip with horse-sized incisors. Don't do it. Don't.

The boys are staying fit, but we are getting fat.
No more treats, no more treats, NO MORE TREATS!
Hans has a big test coming up and then his birthday immediately follows on the 16th. We've decided to spend a few days in Portland goofing around without the pups to celebrate the big 3-0 for my handsome man and then we'll return to truly begin the New Year complete with the New Budget. Oi. It's time to get serious folks, the cost of extra sharp cheddar is through the roof and I may have to cut out those little cotton face toning pads we use to make up the difference. Other things I'm willing/able to give up in order to afford cheese(and Rum)? Socks, Swiffer dusters, kitchen sponges, all yogurt, zip ties, pennies and Lucca. Seriously.

Last year was pretty fabulous and I didn't make any resolutions so, I'm taking the same approach and carrying on without any life-to-do lists in the coming months. Just like last year I'm going to believe that this year will contain the best Summer ever, that fortune cookie predictions really can come true and Smurfs do exist. What? They totally do.
Also, I can move things with my mind (mostly canine types of things).

Cheers to 2009!

May it be full of learning, loving, laughing and puppy licks.

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sufferingsummer said...

I like the new look. Faboo...
and good luck to Hans though something tells me with his ability to prepare luck isn't anything he'll need.