Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday boy, coming through...

Happiest of Birthdays my love! I adore you,
you're my best friend and constant companion...
the one I wish the world for.
I'm so very proud of how you've grown this past year,
you've stretched yourself and damn, it looks good on ya baby!
Here's to another wonderful year full of challenges and triumphs,
I have barrels full of blessed expectation for your next twelve months!
I love you more than ever, sharing a zillion years wouldn't be enough,
how 'bout we paint the town RED and show 'em what a Pudi's all about?
Make a wish...



Lauryn said...

Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

always sunny said...

woooo hooooooooo

sufferingsummer said...

Oh Happy Day Hansie Pants.
Hope we will get to celebrate YOU in person sometime soon:)
in the mean time...I think Seattle would look much better in red;)
have fun.

always sunny said...

it looks like he is smoking a doobie in this photo.