Sunday, February 22, 2009

Had one too may cosmos last night...

...consequently, I'm not sure if I imagined this or not,
but I think there was a small child assisting my husband in the retrieval of Rocko's toy from underneath our disgustingly dusty stove.

Pretty sure that was real! Our dear friends Nathan, Rachel and Lanna were here for a bit of a visit and it was so wonderful to see them! Thanks for stopping by while you were back in the area guys, can't wait for you to come again...

In other news, Rocko has been "under the weather." Our little meaty mutt is perplexing even his doctor's office as he has been "twitching" or "ticking" for about six days off and on, worse this weekend. There's nothing visually wrong as his eyes and ears and every other possible external bit were examined on Friday morning, but he's still clearly telling us that something is not right. The behavior is much like when a dog tracks a fly, the way their head will flip back and forth quickly trying to catch it, he's even snapping his mouth occasionally. Mostly his head turns left and when he's really bothered by it he'll begin to rub his face/head on the couch or his bed and then paw at his left eye/side. The episodes will last as long as 45 seconds or more where he's non-stop throwing his head back and when he's really stuck in that pattern it's rather disturbing. Another thought the vet had was that it could be something in Rocko's sinuses which would require putting him under anesthesia to go fishing for an answer there. I'm just not sure I agree with that speculation having seen the behavior so much more than the vet did.

Poor guy! I'm thinking to call the vet tomorrow and touch base on the lack of improvement per our previous agreement, then it's likely we'll see a specialty center off Island where acupuncture or other evaluations can be considered. I'm not one to rush any pup to the vet, I'm pretty level-headed about pets getting sick and generally allow things to run their course, but this is totally weird and did not get better by waiting so far. Any thoughts folks? What's ailing Rocko? Could he be seeing dead people? Is it some kind of seizure? Pinched nerve? Skin issue that we can't see yet? Vision loss/disturbance that wouldn't show up with corneal stain? Is he Rock'n out? Tinnitus? I'm stumped.

While I/you think, I'm eating these DIVINE grilled cheese sandwiches that my husband made complete with LOADS OF GRILLED ONIONS as requested. Thick crusty bread, sharp cheddar and loads of onions = Perfection. Very good boy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,
I was talking to a woman I work with about her Boxer she was telling me that for awhile the dog was having tremmors and siezure-like movements. She tried changing the dog's food to Trader Joe's dog food (this was prior to the natural food movement for dogs)
The tremmors disappeared as long as the dog stayed on TJ's food. She tried using the regular dog food and the siezure etc. returned.
The Pooch has had no more problems since they have kept him on a natural dog food diet. He is now an elder Boxer and doing quite well.
Just wonder if a change in diet would help your little guy??
You are such a good mama to your boys that my guess is that you have already thought about the food factor.....but just a thought!
Hope he is better soon!!
Patti (Summer's mom)

sohobutterfly said...

OMG. That grilled cheese is to DIE FOR! YUMMMMMMMMMM!