Friday, February 27, 2009

This too will melt away...

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow.
There aren't words to express how beautiful a little smattering of frozen dust makes our humble Island, but in the midst of such beauty all I could think of was my dear friend Audrey whose father passed away on Turkish flight TK1951. That morning we all still thought good news might come and that he would turn up among the survivors, but the fear of the worst made your stomach turn every so often if you let your mind wander there. I received a call by 3:00pm or so from another friend that confirmation had come and A's dad was gone. Such heartache for my friend, such disappointment that this wonderful woman and so many of her family members and their friends would have to face this loss. I'm amazed at Audrey's grace and strength thus far and I can only hope to be there for her in some small way as she begins to heal. I know our whole community is feeling the loss of Ricky Wilson and there's going to be a lot of love to go around in the weeks and months ahead.

Now we don't have to wait by the computer for news anymore...

And we don't have a complaint anymore either... cuz life is good man, everyone's alright!

The box it too tiny for a REAL complaint anyway.

After resting up from the sad, sad news, I was really excited to give my coworker Tammi her birthday present today, which I wrapped in a map of New Hampshire (that's where she moved here from). Turns out, Tammi wasn't going to make it in again today and not even a party would entice her because she's still sick! Poor Tammi, hurry up and get well because you missed your birthday celebration today and there are pretty packages for you to open! This week was full off ick, between the illness stuff going around and Audrey's sad news and weird patients at work... it's so good to be done for a couple of days. Now on to other pretty packages for the men in my life who are turning 50 and 30 this weekend!

I swear to find a new hairstyle tomorrow, it's in a ponytail tonight which I rather like, but once again I'm cursing ever getting a haircut since she cut to much for the third time in a row. Ugh. It only really works to wear it down right now, but I'm just so sick of it. GROW FASTER DAMN IT!!!

P.S. Thanks Patty for the Rocko advice! I had not actually thought of the diet possibility, but consequently changed his food just after the symptoms began. Rocko is STILL doing the weird twitching thing and I really don't think that food is the culprit, but keep those ideas coming!

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Lauryn said...

That is such a fun way to wrap a present! You're so creative :)

And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's father :(