Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthdays, singing dogs, houseguests, Dr. Seuss, dance troupe...

Happy 50th Dad! Happy 30th brother!
This weekend was great, but once again... we are so dang tired!
Hans and I are begging for a day or two when we are truly OFF with no plans or work of any kind and nothing to stop us from staying in bed all day watching movies and depositing popcorn crumbs here and there. That rest won't come until two weeks from now because this coming weekend I have "educational opportunities" on Saturday that I must take advantage of. Such an opportunity comes at a price however, it costs ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SLEEPS! I think last year when attending the same conference we had to leave the Island at 6am or something... *$%@)^%# Ugh. Trust me, my coworkers never look forward to being around me at that hour either. Se La vi. To the conference we go...

Back to the weekend? Dad is now officially on his way OVER THE HILL and he proved it when he tried to do the "splits" at the end of our dance routine this afternoon (hint: he fell and couldn't get up). Yes, the dance routine was a great success as it elicited the exact belly laugh we were hoping to get out of Dad for his big day. My sisters and I looked spectacular in our unitards, giant pink flower headbands, leg warms etc. Hans was only able to capture a shot or two though where you can even remotely tell what's going on or more importantly WHO is flailing around like a whirling dervish (not just me!), but that's perfectly fine, you only needed a peak- trust me! My brother did tape it and sohelpmeGod if his wife even so much as posts a second of it I'll shave her head when she's sleeping. Cheers!

Audrey, Reed and Bailey were also here yesterday hanging out and more than anything I tried to give them our space to just relax in. Not so relaxing when you have three dogs constantly begging for your attention (well, two... I suppose Lucca was actually quite pleasant). You can see Bailey in the above collage, sporting a Dr. Seuss hat while digging in a whole for bugs... love it! Miss Bailey also did a lovely job of building a bird's nest in our tree which reminds me, I need to fill the feeder. Filling the feeder requires buying seed though, do you think the birds will notice if we have a feeder-filling recession? In this economy everyone needs to cut back you know, you can't be so spoiled little finches.

Anywhoozle, night night, until next time~


Raven said...

Those are some hawt unitards!

Love it!

sufferingsummer said...

no worries about that video...I'm kinda thinking that one won't ever see the light of day...except maybe 15 years from now at some Christmas gathering when you lose a bet.

missed you guys. Hopefully we will all be healthy and can visit soon...glad we didn't risk infecting you...sounds like you have your hands full, last thing you need is the plague!

Jay said...

No dread for Saturday. I'm sooooooooo looking forward to meeting you at 6a.m.!!!