Friday, April 10, 2009

Good grief it's hard to start a post when you've been feeling as yucky as I have!

I promise I've tried...
I've intended to fill you in on lovely little tidbits all week, but any good thing has been greatly overshadowed by my not feeling well again and lacking energy to stay up in the evenings to write.

Lets just focus on Tuesday's pedi-party that was shared with my good friends Linnea and Annmarie and Annmarie's sister came along for the fellowship too. We gathered after work and shared champagne and munchies, then I fell into the recliner like a puddle as my sore and tired feet were nursed back to life with peppermint lotion and sugar scrub. Thank you ladies for your time and energy and for good laughs! Linnea made me this spectacular tea cozy that I just love so much I'm going to have to wear it as a hat!

Picture of the hat to follow and hopefully some Easter cheer if we can be more cheerful in the morning. My birthday is on Sunday, I have to share my day with Jesus and a bunny... Mom will be making the dinner of my choice (beef stroganoff for starters) and some chocolate mousse for dessert, but the majority of the day will be visiting with extended family who stop by my parent's house and hopefully toss some bills into my "tattoo fund bucket." :o)

Oh yeah, and I'm now on vacation from work for ten days! YEEHAW!!


sufferingsummer said...

looks like fun....though now I desperately want a sugar scrub, thanks.
um. we are so planning on being at your birthday only depends on a sweet bean being past the contagious period of her nasty little virus...dr. said today that if the fever breaks by mid day tomorrow it should be fine...otherwise we really don't wanna pass this on..
I hope we will be there...

my word verification is midyo...for some reason I can hear that in Hans' voice.

Haines Your Way said...


[warning: 2001 flashback]

Ashley said...

Happy almost BDAY!!!!! yay! Hope you have an amazing day tomorrow!!