Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's finally my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yippee! Hurray! (Such a spoiled little punk...)

Hey, remember how I told you about my plans for more tattooing in honor of my upcoming birthday and then didn't give you any details? Well, I finally have a few to share. My first session is scheduled for April 26th which will be about 3+ hours to get the outline down then I'll likely have two more sessions to do fill-in work and what we're calling blending which will combine my existing piece with the new (much bigger) one. I don't have a specific finished drawing to show you because the new art piece will be a combination of two or three paper cuts by Elsita, but I can tell you this is the base image. As a tattoo, will be in black ink, but this is the original photo of the white paper cut which shows more detail.

This is one of four images she titled "old soul girls" and I loved them. Can you see how intricate they are? There's something very meaningful about Elsa's work and the way she lives her life is inspiring to me as well. I'm thinking to have the general shape and style of this vine (again, this is originally a white piece of paper that we inverted to see how it would look in ink) used to fill in behind the girl above. Still toying with lots of ways to do that and some of it will be left up to the tattoo artist's creativity, but I need the new piece to be at least a comparable width to the one I already have on my back so the "old soul girl" is too sparse to use as-is.

Another possibility is to use the tree work in this image which Hans especially loves because of it's detail. I'm all for it until I think about the time it will take to get that kind of detail on my back... ouch. Again, we'll see. It's certainly more in keeping with the look I wanted.

I wish I had a picture of my back to show you the current tattoo so you could use your imagination and visualize the finished product. Hey Ashley, wanna take a tasteful picture of my back for a "before" photo when I'm down that way in a couple of weeks? Speaking of which, we get to stay with CHRIS AND ASHLEY IN PORTLAND in less than two weeks! Yeehaw people, how lucky are we??? They have so generously offered to have us as house guests when we're in the area to celebrate my b-day and we of course had hoped to see a good deal of them already so, this works out splendidly!


Ashley said...

ooh, i also love that last one so much! too cool!

hahah, tasteful back photo? You got it! ;)

Looking forward to hangin' with you guys!!!!

Raven said...

I love her work! "Rain girl" is one of my favorites, outside of all of the Alice in Wonderland pieces; I am a sucker for anything AiW inspired.

See Sherm Blog said...

Wow! These are awesome!!! I seriously cannot wait to see the finished product! :-) I LOVE TATTOOS! And being pregnant makes me want them even worse. Ya know... because I can't technically get one right now. But don't worry, I have a short list of a couple things I want. Hubs list is a bit longer... and they are quite a bit bigger, so he actually has to start saving for his if he ever plans on getting them.

Oh... and YEAH!!! for getting to stay with the Forrette's!