Sunday, April 5, 2009


We're sun-kissed, sore and tired, but the yard looks amazing!
I enjoyed a fabulous run this morning with Miles,
and we tuckered the little ones out with games around the property.
It felt like Summer today when the temperature climbed into the 60's, everyone has been waiting for Spring and suddenly... it's Summer?
Unfortunately we did have to work today as well, but it was just a blip in the grand scheme of things. I'll not remember the work as much as the goofing around at home and driving in the sun for coffees with my favorite man.

Since spray paint is my new BFF, we took advantage of the weather and started up a makeover on an old lamp... it's going to be a knockout in fire engine red! Thanks to the local antique mall we have some much needed hardware which will allow us to use a glass shade instead of a traditional fabric shade on the old swing arm lamp so, all I need to do is PICK ONE! I can't wait to get this lovely back in to the guest room, the NEW and IMPROVED guest room.

Lucca wasn't any help btw... :o)

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See Sherm Blog said...

haha. That pot is MASSIVE! Its almost as big as you! And ok... but seriously? You were doing yard work in a skirt? You are even stylish when you do yard work. I can't take it. :-)