Monday, May 25, 2009

Even with fresh ink, I'll find a way to lay out in the sun!

This weekend was GORGEOUS. Fucking gorgeous really. Just to make sure you fully understand the abundance of gorgeous that this weekend contained I'll now recreate it in a diorama the size of New Mexico. No. No I won't... cuz I'm almost done with this here Mikes Harder Lemonade and that's pretty much going to impeded any crafting velocity I might have had whatsoever. Bottom line: I loved the weekend and the sun and the playing outside and the getting more ink on my back (well, that was much more difficult to endure this time, but it's coming along) and aNd AND!!! I don't want it the goodness to end. Damn endings... they can be such a bitch sometimes. Hey! I also read voraciously this weekend, like an ENTIRE BOOK. (Psst- I never do that! ) The reading was so wonderfully relaxing and while the book was quite funny and easy to read, I rewrote the ending several times in my head this afternoon and I think the author could have done better. Meh. Here is me sunning myself for the second day in a row (this time on Mom and Dad's deck) and having to improvise when it came to the swimsuit department and the chaise lounge department... I now have a killer tan though. Correction: Killer tan is only on my front half because of the fresh ink on my back half... if you see me around town don't ask me to turn around. I can walk backwards for hours, watch me. Meep!

Took a break to try a frozen "thing" and then decided to share it with my homies as it wasn't entirely tasty to me. Homies loved it, no bad reviews there.

Firstborn went to the beach with his Dad, ate something gross and was promptly returned.

Hey, I'm running out of time here... gotta go whip up a super delicious decoration for sister Jacqueline's fantastic vintage hat to be worn to prom on Thursday. Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as we did and I'll leave you with a scene reminiscent of days gone by. I still had dead things to deal with in a few pots along our patio and now that patio is truly wanting for some more live things. Thanks Jacque for taking care of that. :o)


Lillyboo said...

Hello, I am lilly. as soon as i saw your pictures I burst into tears. I saw the picture of your boxer and I love boxers. My very first one just died and I had her since I was 5 Boxers are great dogs and fun to have. And like you said, no other like that one.

Lauryn said...

The weather WAS pretty amazing this weekend! Glad you got to enjoy it as well.

Looking very elegant in your sun dress and shades, lady!

Kerri Anne said...

Lounging about in the sun with absolutely nothing to do but nurse a beer is one of my all-time favorite activities. (And I can't wait! to see your rad ink in person.)

Ashley said...

1. you are adorable.

2. your tattoo is gonna be the most amazing ever.

3. i loved that i made a love/friendship connection with you guys and kerri/chris.

4. jacque is buff.

5. your dogs are so cute.